There’s one thing that all mom-run businesses have in common.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, running a small hair bow business out of your house, or, if you’re a larger company manufacturing your products for sale in retail locations.  It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of your business, or, if you’re a direct sales consultant for a larger company.  No matter what your situation is, one thing is for certain…you need to have a marketing plan for your business!

Without customers, you have no business.  And without marketing, you have no customers.  So, it only makes sense that to have a successful business you have to be successful in marketing.  Unfortunately, as clear as this may be, it’s where 90% of mom-run businesses fail.  Many miss a critical step in building a business…creating a marketing plan.  Many mompreneurs, particularly moms running small businesses, think that it’s not necessary for them to have a written marketing plan.  They either think that they don’t need one because they’re not trying to attain outside financing, or, they decide not to write one because they have no idea how.  Neither is a good excuse, and today, we’re going to change that way of thinking!

First off, having a marketing plan in place is a good foundation for any business.  It doesn’t have to be written just to be shared to obtain financing, which is what many people think.  Every business should have a marketing plan, if for nothing else than to have your goals in black and white to make them easy to follow and implement.  Often times, marketing activities get overshadowed by day to day activities that seem to take priority.  Having your goals and ideas in one place that you can refer to often will make sure you’re not forgetting what it will take to move your business forward.

The most common misconception about marketing plans among mompreneurs is that they’re too complicated.  If you “Google” them to find ideas, you’ll see that most contain language you’ve never even heard of and situations that don’t pertain to your business.  They’re often so complicated that many moms just bypass them altogether.  I admit that many marketing plans out there are intimidating and confusing.  But, they don’t have to be!  That’s where we come in!

We mompreneurs are a special breed, and what works for many other entrepreneurs doesn’t work for us.  So, I’ve developed a marketing plan just for you, the mompreneur!  My marketing plan is simple, easy to follow and applicable to any type of business.  It’s only one page and will take just a few minutes to fill out.  It covers what I think are the three most important parts of a marketing plan for a mompreneur…business information and goals, target audience and customer preferences, and a marketing plan of attack.  So excuses be gone….now every mompreneur can have a marketing plan to help her business achieve great success this year and beyond!

For a limited time, I’m offering this printable free, but once our VIM (Very Important Mompreneur) membership level is created, this printable will only be available to members, so snag it while you can and feel free to share this post with other mompreneurs so they can download it too!

Download your FREE printable here:  Marketing Plan 

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