Most of us get a little excited when we  buy a scratch off lottery ticket or receive some sort of scratch off coupon for a store.  The possibilities of what we may win are thrilling and there’s just something fun about slowly scratching off the silver paint to uncover what may be something very valuable to us.  Who doesn’t love a good scratch off card?

How about giving your customers the same fun and excitement by offering your own scratch off cards?  They’re surprisingly easy to make on your own, all you need are a couple of supplies that you can grab from Wally World or your local craft store.  You can use them for many purposes.  Here are some ideas…

Home Party Reps

  • Bring scratch off tickets to use as a door prize.  Hand them out to each person as they come in.  One ticket will reveal a small gift to be given to the winner.
  • Have a stack of cards available to guests who choose to book a party that night.  Allow the new host to select a card, which will reveal an extra special hostess gift for her.
  • Use scratch off cards as invitations.  Create cards that uncover the date and time of your hosts party when scratched.  The host can send them out to all of her family and friends.  It’s a unique invitation and will have people remembering you and your business.
  • Create scratch off cards that when scratched, each one reveals a benefit of your business opportunity.  Give one to each guest when you start your presentation and as you move through your speech, have each one scratch off their card, share it with the group and then you can elaborate on the benefit.
All Businesses
  • Create a coupon scratch off card.  Some cards can have small discounts while others can have more valuable ones.  Distribute your coupons as a part of your regular marketing activities.
  • Include a scratch off coupon with each order to entice customers to make a repeat purchase.
  • Use scratch off cards to unveil news about your business, including new products, sales and giveaways.
  • If you attend trade shows or vendor events, distribute scratch off cards with coupons to attendees.  You’ll certainly stand out from all of the other businesses there and hopefully reel in some new customers.
So just how do you create these cards, you ask?  Artmind (who created the cute cards in the photo above and has a great site you must visit) has an awesome tutorial that will guide you step by step, but here’s the gist of it.  All you’ll need is:
  1. Silver acrylic paint
  2. Liquid dish soap
  3. Cardstock
  4. Clear contact paper
Print out your cards on your cardstock and cut to desired shape.  Cut a piece of contact paper into the same shape and place it over your card.  Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part dish soap.  Using a small paint brush, paint the mixture over the content you’d like to be revealed.  Let dry and you’re in business!
Let me know if you use any of these for your business and tell me how you decided to implement them into your business!
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