So this week our Taggin’ Tuesday was much different than usual.  I had literally about 50 comments that were marked as spam, about 1/3 of all of the participants.  That has NEVER happened before, so it led me to do a little research into what Facebook considers spamming.  What I first found out is that yesterday, Facebook introduced a new method for marking spam.  Instead of greying out the comments, they are now hiding them altogether.  That’s what made it difficult for me yesterday to moderate the thread, I had no idea things had changed and didn’t know what to look for.  So that explains that.  But what it doesn’t explain is why the heck were so many comments hidden from our thread when they were invited and not spam?  This is the tricky part.

Facebook’s official stance is that they mark comments that are of “low quality.”  What they consider low quality is unfortunately anyone’s guess as it’s determined by an algorithm.  Yay.  And to top that off, the results are different for each person.  Facebook takes into account many factors, including what your normal activity is and even how many friends you have.  So this truly is a unique method for each person and there’s no one way to prevent being comments being marked as spam.

As frustrating as that is, I wanted to be able to offer you more.  I want you all to be able to participate freely in our tagging events to build your fan base without being labeled a spammer.  So, I scoured through our comments that were marked to see if I could come up with a rhyme or reason to why they were hiding them.  I took that analysis along with other information I’ve researched to come up with some ways you can help to make sure your comments aren’t seen as spam.  This mostly applies to tagging and page promotion events, although these are good practices that can be used in most Facebook activity.  Here goes…

1.  Tag your page rather than posting the entire link.  To tag your page, just enter the @ symbol and start typing your page name.  It should come up in a pop under menu, just select your page and it will highlight the full name in your comment.  Once you post it, that highlighted text will be linked.

2.  Don’t provide more than 1 link in a comment.  If you have more than one business to tag, do them in separate comments.

3.  Don’t post quickly back to back.  In the instance above, if you do have 2 pages to post, wait an hour or so before coming back to post the other. Likewise, don’t post quickly back to back on multiple pages.

4.  Don’t post the same thing on multiple pages.  If you’re participating in multiple tagging events at the same time, or, if you’re posting a message onto the walls of new pages, say something different each time.  Repeating the same message may label you as a spammer.  

5.  Include words in your comment, not just your tag.  Say something about your page while you’re tagging it, that way Facebook feels you have quality to your post.

6.  Stay active on Facebook.  If you only post once in a while, Facebook may think your activity is unusual and flag you.  Participating regularly in tagging events will help Facebook see that this is normal activity for you.

5.  When Facebook hides your comment, you will still be able to see it.  If you’re participating in a tagging event but aren’t receiving any fans from it, odds are you’re blocked to everyone else.  Send a message (now that we have the awesome new feature of messages for pages!) to the admin of the page asking them to check into your comment to see if it was marked as spam.  Note-only do this if you haven’t received ANY likes.  If you’ve received even 1, that means your comment is viewable to other people.

I hope you find these tips helpful!  Facebook tagging events can be a great way to get new fans for your page, so don’t give up! Don’t forget, we offer Taggin’ Tuesday and Fan Page Friday over on our Facebook page!  Hope to see you there!

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  1. Thanks for explaining this. Now I have another question about your Tues and Fri tagging events. Are we supposed to go to each individual page or does clicking “like” on each comment work?

    1. acutally you can hover over the link in the comment and it will pop up the page and you can like it from there, you do not need to go to each individual page but liking the comment does not apply to the page.

  2. As an Admin to a Page, how do I unmark something as spam? I have a comment that was marked as spam, but the directions they’ve provided aren’t helping to unhide it. I can’t even see the comment, just 3 dots. And when you hover over the dots I see “1 hidden as spam”. Can you help? Please?

    1. Hi Lynda,
      I thought I could help, so I thought I would reply. When you hover over the three dots and see the post show up, there should be a little link that says “un-mark as spam”. That’s the easiest way to change it!


  3. I see this a lot on my client pages … not the extreme you mentioned here, but it’s nice to know that there are ways to combat becoming a Facebook “spammer”. We shared on the Summit View Communications and Ashe Design sites. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks so much for this explaination, I really could not comprehend why this was happening, only had it a few times, but I really needed to know what was the cause. Thanks anain.
    Jahfya !

  5. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why Facebook marks some things as spam, and other things (that should actually be spam!) aren’t categorized as such. These are helpful tips and I always appreciate your informative articles, Business Among Moms!

  6. Thanks, this is good to know for the next tagging event. I noticed last week that some people were writing comments on every single page that they liked, which must have been a lot of work with over 500 comments under Tagging Tuesday.

  7. I am trying mark as un spam but no any change. i realy tense bz i wanna see all conversation of my friend.pz tll me what can i do?

  8. Hi, since you put this beautiful detailed piece on facebook. I wanted to ask you about something else, I have searched high and low for an answer and I just can’t find one. The issue i’m having is: as a page admin and owner of the page, when I leave a comment on another page (that I like as my own page) the post sucessfully appears in the recent posts box in the top right corner of every page. This post is not visible to that page owner. I believe I have a setting that “Only Me” can see that posts. Do you know how I can solve this dilemma?

    Thank you.

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