grow_linkEvery week, I get a few emails from mompreneurs saying they just stumbled across our website or Facebook page and would love to know what we’re all about and how they can get involved.  Our goal at BAM is three-fold.  Our mission is to provide you with online and in-person networking opportunities, easy to understand and relevant education to help you learn how to build your business.  We also want to provide you with unique and inexpensive ways to help you promote your business.  Since we have so much to offer at BAM, we wanted to give you a map on how we can benefit your business.

1.  Join us on Facebook

This is where we communicate everything going on with BAM and give you an opportunity to share your business to grow your fan page.  We offer Taggin’ Tuesday and Fan Page Friday to get you new fans for your page and allow you to post on our wall at any time to help you gain new fans for your page.  Remember to like, comment or share our posts to continue to receive our posts in your newsfeed.   You can also follow us on PinterestTwitterGoogle+, and Linked In, if you really want to stay on top of it!

2.  Network with other mompreneurs in your area

Our BAM local groups offer networking that fits the lifestyle of a busy mom running a business.  Many of our members have started businesses, found customers and strategic partners as a result of these monthly events.  Find a group in your area or consider starting one if we don’t yet have your city represented!

3.  Check out a live or online event

Our events calendar lists all local and online events – we welcome all women in business.  You’ll meet smart, interesting business owners, learn a thing or too and get inspired!

4.  Explore our advertising opportunities

Our goal is to provide mompreneurs with unique and inexpensive advertising opportunities to help them grow their businesses.

5.  Support your fellow mompreneurs

Check out the Business Directory to see of the places our mompreneurs advertise to show your support for these hard working mommas.
I hope you find this helpful!  We have a great community at BAM that’s growing by the minute and I’m excited to have you in it!  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to send an email anytime!


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  1. Hi, I am so excited about all the opportunites that you are providing! Yeah! I do have a question and I am not sure if this is the best format or if there is a way to email you. My question is that when I try to post from my Stella & Dot Home Page to the Business Among Moms Group Page, it will not allow me to place on the BAM Group Page. Instead my only option is my Timeline and Public. I know on my personal page it does have other options but not on my Stelaa & Dot Home Page. I have tried to find a place to edit, but I have been unsuccessful. Is there something that I am missing?!?! I definitely appreciate all your great assistance!!

  2. You are such an inspiration to me. I hope some day I can have an enormous fan base just like you. I also found you on Facebook but it was about a month ago. <3 Renae

  3. Hi! I am new to the website, and would love to donate some time in exchange for ad space! I have recently started a jewlery business. I did not see the contact tab to my left though…

  4. As a retired RN for 30 years I look forward in sharing my health science background with women of all ages. Working with cancer patients opened my eyes to how important it is too take care of our bodies. We should learn as much as we can about our own bodies. We need to know what makes them function on a daily basis. Going to the doctor is not just good enough. We need to read and educate ourselves and take a hard look at alternative health care. I would like you to visit my website at and watch the several videos about alternative healtth care. It will open your eyes as to why we primary and alternative health care. Our bodies need all the help they can get as we age each year. Thank you to this wonderful site for allowing us to support each other. dr

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