So how cool would it be if you were able to offer coupons to your customers directly on Facebook?  Well, dream no more because it’s a coming!  Facebook has launched a new “offers” feature for page owners, allowing them to create deals on their page and post them to the newsfeeds of their fans!

So how do these offers work, you ask?  It’s very easy!  First, you’ll create an offer just like you would a post.

The offer can be anything you’d like to share, a discount on a particular product, free shipping, etc.  You’ll then attach a photo, create an expiration date, explain your terms and ordering instructions,  and even note how many people you’d like to be able to claim the offer (or make it unlimited).  Once you click post, your offer will be sent into your fans’ newsfeeds, just like your regular posts are.  When a fan clicks to accept the offer, it will be emailed straight to them where they can then go shopping with you!

Offering a deal anywhere is great to build business, but offering a deal on Facebook is like offering a regular coupon on steroids!  Not only will your fans be seeing your offer, but they’ll be able to share the offer with their friends, allowing your deal to get exposed to way more people beyond your fan base.  When users see a deal in their newsfeed, they’ll be able to share it just like they would any other post.  Also, if they claim a deal, they’ll be given the option to post it to their Timeline so that it’s seen by all of their fans!

So I bet now you’re super excited and asking me, “how can I do this on my page?”  Well, my friends, as exciting as this new feature is, it’s not yet available on every page.  I know, big buzz kill, right?  But don’t worry.  While it’s not clear exactly what types of pages Facebook is granting this awesome feature to at the moment, they have stated that it will be available to all pages soon.  But, I have a secret for you……Facebook has set up a page for page owners to request the offers feature be added to their pages.  So, everyone click this link to head on over to the Facebook powers that be and tell them you want this great new feature on your page!

I can’t wait to see all of the offers pouring in.  I love the power of deals and I know this will be a great marketing tool for your business!

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