If you’re like me,  you’ve been seeing status updates like these popping up all over your newsfeed lately:

Facebook has made changes to business pages again and is now requiring businesses to pay to ensure you can see our posts/updates. If you’d like to see us in your news feed, please go the top of our page and click where it says “Liked,” then select “Show in News Feed.” 


FB is making changes again for business pages … if you want to keep us in your newsfeed make sure you click on the “Liked” button that is directly under my cover photo. Then next to the message button, make sure that there is a check next to the “Show in Newsfeed” button.

Oh boy, is Facebook at it again?  Well, they are making some changes, but, they’re not nearly as severe as they’re being reported.  Find out here exactly what’s going on and what to expect so that you don’t bombard your fans with unnecessary and untrue status updates like those above!

Show in Newsfeed

I’ve been seeing this rumor around for a few months.  Business pages are under the impression that their traffic has been lower than normal and it’s due to the fact that Facebook is not showing all of their fans their updates.  This is nothing new folks.  As we’ve explored, Facebook does not show every fan every post a page makes.  They determine who gets shown what by an algorithm that they call Edgerank.  An Edgerank score is determined by so many factors, including a fan’s past interactions with a page, the popularity of the update, the type of update and much more.  It’s a complicated little system that us mompreneurs will simply never know, we just do the best we can to improve our scores and keep our pages as engaged as possible.

As far as the piece of the rumors that ask people to check the “Show in Newsfeed” button, this again is just a rumor.  By default, Facebook will always have this checked when a person likes a page.  There’s no need for a fan to go into their settings to change this.  What this was essentially designed for was to give a fan the ability to opt out of receiving newsfeed updates.  So, the only way this will get unchecked is if a fan does it themselves if they don’t want that pages news in their feed.

Charging Business Pages

Yesterday my friend Carolyn from Blue Cuddly Designs asked social media guru Nikol Murphy from Talking Moose Media and me if there were any truth to this nasty rumor.  The short answer is yes and no, but mostly no.  The bottom line is that Facebook is NOT charging page owners to interact with their fans.  Everything will still be the same and your newsfeed exposure will depend on your Edgerank.

What Facebook has rolled out this week, however, is an alternative to traditional Facbeook Ads called Promoted Posts.  This is currently being offered to pages allowing them to essentially buy their way into more newsfeeds.  A page owner will be allowed to purchase a certain number of impressions to reach 15% to 90% of their fans for a certain price.  When this option rolls out on your page, you’ll see it underneath your status update section, like this:


I, for one, think this is a very exciting feature and I can’t wait till it hits the BAM page.  I think this option will be great for promoting special offers when you really want to get your message out there.  The prices seem to be fairly reasonable, but that will also depend on the number of fans you have.  If you’ve struggled, like I have, with Facebook Ads in the past, this seems like a great way to pay for more exposure on Facebook in a simple, affordable way!

I hope you find this helpful!  Let us know when the feature starts hitting your pages.  Once it hits ours, I’ll be sure to test it out and provide a full review!


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  1. Thanks for this awesome post…too many people are getting caught up in the mass Facebook hysteria…as always happens when a small change is made. Honestly how many of us owe a significant portion of our businesses success to the free platform that Facebook provides!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. I’ve seen this posted a few times as well but I didn’t re-post as I figured it was not accurate. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m excited to see the new promote feature!

  3. Thanks for clearing that up! I wish people would reserach a little bit before they just copy and paste 🙂 🙂 I have used the promote button several times already. I promoted a picture and got over 50 likes on it. So definately worth it!!

  4. I run 4 Facebook fan pages (one of them first established three years ago). I know my pages and fans like the back of my hand and my experience (as well as my opinion) differs substantially from yours.

    Basically, I think the new “feature” sucks, as do other changes to FB since the implementation of timeline. I’ve blogged about it here:


    I don’t mind paying for advertising (and I invested several thousand dollars in building the fan base to my page when I established it in 2009), but I don’t feel I should have to pay to reach fans that I was reaching quite nicely 3 months ago, but now am not. (See more at the above post).

    I will maintain my FB page, but will shift the weight of my efforts to other channels such as #Twitter where I also have a substantial presence.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights. In my experience and research, I’m not sure that I agree. I’ve found that my engagement has actually increased since the implementation of Timeline, and I attribute that to the pinning feature, highlighting feature, and larger cover photo, among a few other things. Knowing how to work with Edgerank is important in making sure you gain the best reach too. I know that many of the businesses I work with are reporting the same thing. While pages do differ and my experience may not be the same as everyone elses, I do think throwing in the towel altogether would be foolish for most of the mompreneurs that we work with. Facebook is such a powerful medium and a necessity for a mom-run business. And I do think it’s possible to reach the same fans as before if you know how to work with Edgerank and use the tools that Facebook offers to your advantage. 🙂

  5. Great post – THANK YOU!

    I am getting so tired of all the hysterical posts I’ve been seeing lately. It’s good to read such a concise summary of how this works.

  6. Honestly, I think the new “promote” feature stinks. If someone has liked my page, then they should see ALL my posts, period. Now, Facebook is holding my posts ransom. My percentages run from 5% to 14% for any one post, but for the grand price of $50 I can have all my fans see them?

    Sorry, I’m not buying. It’s a disservice to the fans who like a page, thinking they’re going to see updates from me, when in fact, it’s luck of the draw.

    1. I agree, Jenn, it would be nice if FB showed everyone every post. I know I would love to see every update from every page I like because I’m sure I miss out on some great stuff.

      I try to look at it this way, though. FB is a free way for me to grow my businesses. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it and without it, my business would be far less. I’ll play by their rules. Edgerank and selective updates are what they are and have been around a long time. I’m happy to now have a work around to get more exposure, even if I have to pay a bit. I know not everyone has the same sentiments, but for me, I’m glad to have the opportunity. 🙂

  7. I decided to give the new Promote button a whirl yesterday on a post that was then 24 hours old. It had already reached 288 of my fans before I gave FB my CC. They estimated they would give me an additional paid reach of 1,000 for $5.00. Well here we are 24 hours later and they have only delivered 106 fans for $2.11.
    $5.00 = 1,000 but $2.11 = 106? Somehow I don’t see their mathematical logic.

    They have to know that we are keeping track, and reporting our findings with others (ironically in closed FB business groups) and that will have bearing on who is going to bother using the option in the long run.

    I would love to see a bigger study by lots of pages in various niches to see what the actual results are overall. So far no one in my niche is seeing anything that makes any real difference.

    In the end, they took our fans, it is our content that was keeping them there, now we just want them back.

    1. Maggie, I’m also testing it out at the moment. The problem I’m seeing is their campaigns are 3 days long. So, without letting a campaign go the full 3 days, we can’t see the final results.

      Also, check out our most recent blog post about Edgerank and getting your posts seen. This is nothing new, FB has never shown all of our updates to our fans.

  8. Hey Sara, and everybody. I think it is dumb for people to pay a fee to promote posts. There are sites like FBmarks.com help you get your Facebook page or profile ranked in search engines like Google and Bing for FREE for lasting links to your content. That’s where the truly good sources of traffic to a Facebook page come from anyway.

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