One kind of mompreneur that I’ve always admired is the creative mompreneur.  I’d like to say I’m semi-creative and crafty, but that doesn’t get me a whole lot of places. 🙂  I, instead, choose to support other mompreneurs who are more crafty than I am and reap the benefits of their creativity.

Recently, I was introduced to a very kind and creative mompreneur named Keleigh and her business, Keleigh Belle Creations.   Keleigh specializes in handmade soy tarts and candles as well as environmentally friendly beauty products.  I’ve always wanted to dabble in making my own tarts.  I shutter at the thought of what I’ve spent at Yankee Candle over the years for my prized Sage & Citrus and Lilac tarts.  But even more importantly, I shutter at the thought of all of the chemicals I’ve burned into my home (I’ll let you Google that one for yourself)!  So while I would love to have homemade tarts that I know are safe, cost effective and smell yummy, my inner crafter screams at me, “you have no idea what you’re doing!”  So, I was very excited to come across Keleigh Belle Creations and let Keleigh step in to fill my needs for homemade tarts for my beloved warmer.

I had the opportunity to try 2 of Keleigh’s soy tarts, Sage & Citrus and Lilac, as well as a Fresh Linen scented candle.  According to her website:

Our products are all made with 100% natural soy wax and are available in a wide variety of scents to fit your likes and needs. Every tart is 0.75 ounces and has a burn time of 24+ hours and are compatible with Scentsy warmers, or any other wax warmer you have. Each candle comes in a 6 ounce tin with a travel lid, and has a burn time of 20+ hours.

Let me tell you, her products did not disappoint.  I placed the tarts into my regular electric Yankee Candle brand warmer and they went right to work.  They melted quickly and evenly, distributing the refreshing scents throughout my home.  The Lilac scent made my house smell like I just stepped into a garden, while the Sage & Citrus gave my home a clean, refreshing scent.  The Fresh Linen candle was also a keeper.  I used this one upstairs as it complimented the scent of my laundry room.  We use Gain laundry detergent and it really did remind me of that! 

So yes, the products are wonderful, but you know what’s even better?  The prices!  Keleigh’s tarts retail for $1.25 to $1.50 (depending on how many you purchase), while the candles for only $6.00.  Much more reasonable than the commercial options out there, and best of all, they’re eco-friendly and handmade by a mompreneur.  In addition to the fragrance products, they also offer earth friendly, all natural cruelty free beauty products formulated by Bellanonna Boutique. They treat Mother Earth the way we want our body to be treated. All of their products are all natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins, and none of their products are tested on animals.

If you’d like to give Keleigh’s products a try, please visit her website at


*Note* I received complimentary products for the purpose of reviewing them for our blog.  All opinions expressed in this post are indeed true and my own….I don’t sugar coat anything and will always tell it like it is. 🙂

If you’re interested in a product review for your business, please email me using the contact tab to your left for details.

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