Over the past few weeks, I’ve had several emails and messages from people wondering why their Facebook page exposure is so low.  Facebook has always used Edgerank to determine who to show posts to, but it appears a recent tinkering with the algorithm has left some pages feeling lonely as their reach drops to new lows.  Some people are speculating that it conveniently coincides with the addition of Facebook’s new paid Promoted Posts and Offers features.  Yes, it does sound convenient, but, as I’ve always said, Facebook is a free method for us to grow our businesses, so we have no room to complain.  How can we fault them for trying to make a buck or two?  After all, isn’t that what we’re all trying to do ourselves?  All we can do is take it for what it’s worth and work their system to the max.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed methods you can implement to increase your Edgerank and get your updates seen by more of your fans.  While those tricks are very helpful, one area they don’t particularly help you out with is when you post links.  Links are not heavily weighted in an Edgerank score, so when you have a link to your website, blog, sale, etc. to share, it won’t be shared as much as say a photo or a video.  This is a problem for many mompreneurs who want to share these types of things to get traffic to their sites and blog.  I know I’ve had that issue-until now.  I recently stumbled upon a trick that literally nearly tripled the exposure I received compared to an average linked post.  The best part….it’s super simple and something you can start doing RIGHT NOW!

Here’s the deal.  Typically when you have a link to post, you type it into the status and Facebook will pull up a box underneath your post with your link.  It looks nice and fancy, but in reality, it’s an Edgerank killer.  Rather than type the link in your update, type it into the first comment of your update.  Here’s an example…

This is a post about the same thing that I made yesterday to test out this new method.  The first time I posted about this topic, I included the link in the update, as I always do.  This resulted in a measly 988 people seeing the post over 10 hours.  It only had 1 comment and 1 like.  Ouch! I then posted about the same topic, this time including the link in the first comment instead.  This resulted in 2,440 people seeing the post in about the same time frame, but even better, it got 8 comments and 26 likes!  That’s over double…nearly TRIPLE….the exposure than the regular way.  Here are those numbers…


So there you have it, folks.  A quick, simple, free way to increase your reach on Facebook.  Give it a go and let us know how it works out for you!


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    1. oh my gosh! Thank you!! This really does work. A couple days ago, on my biz FB page, i posted in the status a link to a new FB page I’d opened. Didn’t seem to get much traction, and after a few days the insights say 685 views. Ok… so today I did what you suggested! Put the LINK to the new FB page in the first comment. And WOW… 1,800 people saw it according to insights (in 5 hours), and the link to the new page resulted in 30 NEW LIKES plus a bunch of feed back all around. CRAZY!! Thank you!! I am a new fan; someone had shared this suggested in a private group and thought I’d try it out!! XOXO

  1. Very interesting – I’m looking forward to trying this on tomorrow’s post. I noticed something interesting as well – that when I manually post about a recent blog post, I receive more activity than when I just allow the Networked Blogs to auto-post for me. Not sure why…

    Thank you, BAM, for this information. I always appreciate your helpful posts!

  2. I’m curious how you do pictures. Generally on my page I like to upload a picture to go with my status b/c the link pic is too small. Would you suggest uploading or not? Do you think the picture in the comment is sufficient?

  3. Fantastic information!!! Lately it seems like fb is taking the social right out of the social network… I get it, it’s business, they have to make a buck, but they’re def. taking the joy out of things. I appreciate your insight! Will def. be trying this!

  4. I have been SO increadibly frustrated with this on Facebook. I figured they were limiting the links to discourage people from leaving Fb, which makes absolute business sense. Unfortunately, as a blogger, this was not helping my exposure. Thanks for the tip. Trying it out now!!

  5. The problem with this is in scheduling posts – I don’t suppose there is a way to schedule comments. I guess we can do this with some of our posts

  6. I’m curious, did you post the second status at the same time of day and during the same time of the week, since traffic varies for Facebook? Also, why did you make the choice to not post the same exact wording in both statuses? The second one is shorter and more alluring, while the first one is really lengthy and wordy posts typically don’t do well on Facebook anyway. Do you think that could have effected your results?


    1. I didn’t have any rhyme or reason to it, just posted what was on my mind. I’ve never noticed a difference for us in terms of length of update. I’ve been experimenting with this method on several different posts and the results are the same every time. I’ve also seen many other people reporting the same thing, so I don’t think that affected the results at all. 🙂

  7. Wow Morgan, thanks again! You have already helped me so much and we’re just getting started! I am giving this type of post a trial run…will let you know how it goes! 🙂

  8. So I found this on Pintrest and was so excited to put it to use. And at first it worked! I got double or triple the amount of looks on my posts! Until today. I tried it again this morning and Facebook blocked my post because it said it was “spam.” Any ideas or suggestions?

  9. I posted an item for a giveaway the other day and it got 1 view and no comments. Have just reposted it and within 30 seconds has had two comments so thank you this looks like it works. Great article and yes we all seem to forget that face book are also trying to earn a living. Will they find a fix for this well lets wait and see shall we. Many thanks Krish

  10. Are these “unique people” or just impressions? Are you just basically double posting (1 for the post and one for the comment) Are you not worrying about exit link engagement metrics and only impressions and likes/comments?

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