Spotlight on Sharon Simons

I personally had a long journey becoming a Mom.  Along the way I have met many wonderful women with the same goal… to someday become a Mom.  I started Mom at Last, a Community of Moms who have persevered over the many obstacles and tragedies put in our path while on the journey towards becoming a Mom, to capture and document our journeys as well as share information concerning the journey through motherhood.

I thought , “Let’s form a community of like minds and goals — a place where we can share our joys and frustrations — with the goal to become a mom, at last! Let’s create a place where we can share what we are feeling — fears, successes, disappointments and frustrations.”

Whether your journey to motherhood is IVF, International Adoption, Pregnancy, Surrogacy or any other journey; Mom at Last is here to share, and learn from each other as well as possible outside sources for contact and support.  

Your story may include a pregnancy loss, adoption headaches, or an IVF story; but, take comfort in being part of a group that understands your plight and may have had similar experiences and outcomes.

Mom At Last seeks to

  • Form a Community — a place that we can find people of like minds to form friendships and take comfort in the knowledge that I am not alone.
  • Communicate with one another — share in the same goals with people who have gone through some of the same problems and complications.
  • Give Support — and share your story or stories through writing articles or messages to others.
  • Provide Comfort — to others who are feeling as though they have tried everything and have not been successful.
  • Let others know that there are many who have tried several methods before becoming a Mom.

Throughout my journey, I also persevered over the many obstacles put in my path, including miscarriage, infertility, and three failed IVF’s. I finally became a Mom at Last after adopting my two Twin Boys from Russia through the use of International Adoption. The Adoption Process was confusing & difficult, so on top of creating the Mom at Last Community, I crafted an iPhone5 mobile app to help others navigate through the Adoption Process.  The AdoptionApp is an International and Domestic Adoption iPhone5 Mobile App that gives you checklists, tasks & documents to you keep you on the right path towards Adoption.  

While every journey to Motherhood is different, some have true similarities. Please take comfort that you are not alone in what you may be experiencing and feeling.  Follow the story of Sharon Simons through her journey towards motherhood by reading the new Mom at Last Memoir when it hits book shelves in 2013.


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