As you know, last month we held an auction to benefit our Mompreneurs on a Mission fund to help give 3 of our members a great Christmas for their family.  While it was a blessing to be able to help those 3 families, it was heartbreaking to leave the other 23 applicants behind.  These are fellow BAM members that have lost jobs, are struggling through illnesses, have lost things in fires and disasters…events that most of us can’t comprehend.  Their hearts are heavy this year and giving their kids a good Christmas seems like just a dream.  Many of you have shown your support of these families and have offered to help, so we are creating our first ever Mompreneurs on a Mission Virtual Angel program to help!  In addition to this program, I am also donating a free VIM membership and email blast/blog feature to each mompreneur to help them get their business moving in the new year.  Let’s help dig these moms out of the dark spot they’re currently in!

The concept is just like the angel trees you see at your local mall.  Each person who is interested (or their business) will sponsor a single family.  Upon conclusion of the sign ups this week, we’ll match sponsors with a family and put them in contact with each other.  Sponsors can then find out what the family’s needs are and purchase those items to help give those families a good holiday.  Sponsors can take it a step further by making  it a project for their business, asking customers and fans to help with donations.  They’ll then put everything they’ve collected together and send them off to the family to receive in time for Christmas.  There’s no dollar amount requirement, however, we do ask that if you choose to sponsor a family, you will have the ability to fully meet the needs of each of their children and send the packages out to them.  *Note-while single item donations are appreciated, they’re not logistically what we’re looking for at this time.  You must be able to donate multiple things to the family.

If you can find it in your heart to help out a struggling family, please sign up using the form here.  Once all of the sign up slots have been taken, I will match the families and send out the contact details.  Communication from there will be between the sponsor and the family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm heart and abundant generosity.  I know these moms will appreciate anything you can offer!

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  1. Well, I’d love to help but can’t afford to sponsor an entire family. We’ve already done one family here and can’t fully afford another.

    Since you’re not accepting partial help or donations, I guess we are unable to help this year.

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