My business is to share the Passion Parties opportunity so that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business; to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship; and to share the philosophy of women helping women. Contact me if interested in booking a party or inquire about starting your own business.

How Did You Get Started With Passion Parties?

I started with Passion Parties almost 9 years ago. I had never been in direct sales and wasn’t really looking for a second income. I have a great career and a job I love so earning extra money was something that interested me. But the biggest reason was the products and the company mission statement really spoke to me.

I made the decision to become a consultant about 10 minutes in to the party presentation. My consultant was presenting the products and the things she was saying about how they worked, this product could help with this or this product will do this really peaked my interest. I actually raised my hand during the presentation and said to her I wanted to be a consultant. And I did and it was one the best decision’s I’ve made.


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What Is The Investment To Get Started?

The $99 kit is back! Aug 2nd-4th, you have the opportunity to start your Passion Parties business for $99! This is such a good time to start in this business, and this is by far the most minimal investment – with the possibility for positive outcome you can make. Plus you will receive $450+ in products, so really, how could you go wrong?! I am already accepting applications, so contact me ASAP!

Being a consultant has a lot of perks. You become a confidant to a your customers. They share their feelings about their relationship with you. Most women are looking for reassurance that they aren’t alone when it comes to their relationship with their significant partner, whether that’s a husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or just with themselves.

Our signature product line “Romanta Therapy” has literally changed women, men and couples relationship in the bedroom. Pure Satisfaction is our #1 best selling product and I have customer thank me for introducing them to this amazing product. They like “sex” again.


What Do You Love About Passion Parties?

One of the biggest perks is my sisterhood of Passion Sisters. I have meet the most amazing women through this business that I would have never had the privilege of knowing. Also my customers many have become friends. But the biggest perk is my team of dedicated and amazing women that share the passion every day.

I have been so fortunate with passion parties over the years. I have worked my business and I’ve received numerous sales awards from corporate. I’ve been top sales for the year in my team many times, I have a team that has also been rewarded with sales and recruiting awards.

I win the monthly awards from my upline about 10-12 a year.

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What Are The Incentives?

8 Ways to Earn

1. Up to 40% on personal sales
2. Up to 10% additional payout through cash bonuses on personal sales
3. Cash bonuses on every new consultant who places a qualified order
4. Up to 5% overrides on your downline sales 3 levels deep
5. A car bonus of $400 a month
6. A monthly bonus of up to $1,000 through our Home Award
7. Trips
8. Prizes such as jewelry, awards and other valuable items. I won a $200 value Swarovski Crystal wrist-let in May. So cute!!! Love taking this with me to parties.


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How Do I Sign Up?

To get your business off the ground contact me at:
Phone:  253-380-0311

I look forward to helping you change your future….Diana

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