Congratulations you’ve decided to take that brilliant idea and run with it!  Maybe you’re starting an online business, or perhaps you want to start a hobby blog, either way it’s a great time to start building your online presence.  With so many tools available it’s easier than ever to reach a global audience simply with a website and a blog.  Having so many tools can also make things a little confusing though.

When starting out and creating an image for their brnad one of the most common areas of confusion for my clients is understanding the difference between a header design and a logo.


Is a header design and logo the same thing?  Are they interchangeable?

What is a header design?

First let’s talk about a header design.  The header design is the area at the top of a WordPress blog or website.  This area usually contains a graphic, or image as well as the website or blog name.



The design should reflect the personality of your brand and incorporate any color or themes that represent who you are and what you do.  Deciding on a header design should be a fun process that marks an exciting point in your site’s branding and launch.

If you are purchasing a header design from me it will be created at a resolution ideal for viewing online but small enough that it will load quickly on a web page.  You can also be assured you will be completely pleased with the design or I’ll revise it until you are pleased.

What is a logo design?

On the other hand a logo is a mark or emblem that represents your business or brand.  This mark can be used in the header design but doesn’t have to be in the header design.



You’ll want to use your logo as a way to brand yourself, making you identifiable to your customers.  The logo should be used on business cards, fliers, correspondence and everything that represents your business.  The great thing about a logo is you can register your logo as a trademark to protect yourself from anyone else using it.

I design the logo artwork in vector format which means it can be re-sized as big or as small as you like without compromising the quality of the image. Using this format ensures your logo will always be the right size and resolution for your needs.

Another big distinction between logo and header design when you are working with me is that with a header design I retain the intellectual property rights to the design, meaning that the graphics in your blog or web design may not be used in any fashion without written permission.  With a logo you purchase the design from me.  That means you are paying for the intellectual property rights and own the artwork.

So do you need a logo?

If you are blogging as a hobby rather than a business then you likely will be fine without a logo.  However if you think you may expand your blog into a business then a logo is a smart investment.

Work with me to create a beautiful logo that represents you and your business, and begin to develop a brand that will get you noticed.  Click here to get started!

With lots of creativity and success,

Nicole Orozco











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My name is Nicole Orozco and I am the mother of a very rambunctious 2 year old boy, a beautiful 7 year old girl, and wife to a cute contractor.  I am passionate about WordPress design and even more passionate about helping mom entrepreneurs rock their businesses online.







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