Last week we notified the applicants to our Mompreneurs In Need program and we are happy to say that 3 mom-run businesses will be getting a $50 Wal-mart Gift Card.  However, that doesn’t come close to helping all the applicants to the program.  Here are a few of the comments from our members:

I’ve had 2 major health crises in 2012 that led to financial distress.  My medical bills have usurped every last bit of cash and I don’t foresee a Christmas this year for any of us. I just want us to be able to have our traditional Christmas meals together, and to be able to give my son the Christmas he deserves. Thank you.”

“My business is struggling….I’ve only brought in 1/4 of what I did last year and my children need clothes. They both just hit a growth spurt and none of their winter clothes from last year fit them anymore. And, unfortunately, we just don’t have the funds to get them what they need this year including, warm jackets and shoes”

“I would use the card for food.  I’ve lost my job and can’t pay my bills, much less buy Christmas presents”

It breaks my heart to know that women just like us that have hit some unfortunate circumstances can’t take care of their families.  I’m posting this as a call to action.  For every one of you that donates, we are closer to helping more women.  I’m putting up a donate button at the end of this post.  Even if you can only give $1 – every little bit helps.  I hope that we can provide gift cards for the remaining applicants and I will report back the week of December 3rd.

P.S.  As an added incentive, all donors will be entered into a random drawing for FREE Advertising and will receive their choice of a free button ad on our blog for 3 months or an ad in our Services Guide or Work At Home Guide.





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