Local advertising is crucial for most mom-run businesses, particularly for direct sales consultants.  One of the best pieces of advice that I can provide is to be successful in marketing locally, you need to own your area.   That means making sure you leave no stone unturned and you have a visual presence all throughout your community.  Today’s task is to make a plan to tackle your town and make your presence known!

There are so many ways you can market your business locally.  Gather all of the materials you have, from business cards to brochures, tear bottom fliers to catalogs.  It’s helpful to also have some plastic business card holders so that when you visit a business that allows you to place cards, you have something to place them in rather than placing them on a table.  Once you have your materials, create a plan of attack!


Here are some ways to promote your business locally:


Make sure that you have updated your business information with your address on your Facebook Business page so you appear in the Graph Search.  


Visit local businesses and ask to leave your materials for their customers to see in their lobbies.  The best types of businesses for this type of activity include beauty/tanning/nail salons, dry cleaners, doctor’s offices, insurance offices, gyms, day care centers, restaurants, and coffee shops.  A good way to hit these quickly is to just tackle large strip malls, going door by door.  Don’t be afraid of rejection, it will happen, just move on to the next place!


Contact local apartment communities to see if you can place your marketing materials in their new move in packets.  Most communities will be more than happy to do this, its actually helping them by providing more information to their new residents.  Likewise, you can also ask them if they do monthly newsletters and if so, ask if are you able to advertise in them.


Check out the PTA’s for all of the schools in your area.  The majority will have some kind of events throughout the year that request business sponsorships.  It’s a great way to spread the word about your business while supporting your local community.


Local sporting teams also are in need of sponsorships.  Check in with your local parks and recreations department to inquire about available opportunities.


Research town events in your area and look for sponsorship opportunities.   From holiday events to cultural events to markets, many towns have so much to offer their residents and request local businesses’ assistance in making them happen.


Join your local Chamber of Commerce.  It’s a great way to network with other business owners and become a prominent business in your community.


Talk to everyone!  You never know when that person you are standing next to in the grocery line will need what your business offers.


As you hit the town, I suggest being armed with some small gifts that you can give to influential people.  You can create a goody bag of snacks, samples of your products, etc.  The gifts don’t have to be huge or cost a lot of money.  Their presence alone will make you memorable, which when dealing with important people in your community, will be a very valuable thing!

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