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I am so excited to introduce you to ID Life (individually designed life)! Are you ready to live the life you imagine?


My name is Kelly White and  I was fortunate enough to have a good friend who told me about ID Life before the company’s Pre-Launch! We are both Founding Partners in ID Life and are very excited about the future. With major investors, and the CEO , Logan Stout, founder of the Dallas Patriots and very successful network marketer, this company is going places.


ID Life officially launches on Jan. 18, with launch events going on in Frisco, Texas. Our main product is ID Nutrition. Our supplements are customized just for you after taking an online health assessment! You may not need the same vitamins and supplements that your husband, mom, or neighbor needs! Why not have them customized for you and throw out all those separate bottles! Your supplements come to you in a strip pack with YOUR name on them. No more standing in the drugstore for hours wondering what you need. Along with stand alone products for weight loss, sleep, energy, etc. with no GMO, no casein, gluten free, natural ingredients!
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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join with ID Life, and help revolutionize the 23 billion dollar a year health and wellness industry.
*Products are certified organic, vegan approved, gluten free, GMO free, casein free, high quality and safe.
*Incredible compensation plan that solves the problems of most compensation plan!
*Internet driven, no selling!
*work from home
*No inventory
*product no one else has
*Join free today and build a team before company launch
*Can you imagine having been part of a pre-launch with Amway, Advocare, Mary Kay, or It Works? Here is your chance!
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I invite you to watch the videos on my website and blog and see for yourself how great ID Life is, and then contact me with any questions.
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Take your first step today.
Contact me for more information at
Visit my blog at
Take a look at our videos or pre-enroll at
Join my team and step into your individually designed life!
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