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Tweet chats are conversations on Twitter that are usually scheduled, have a host and include a hashtag that everyone uses to follow the discussion.  Many times they are fast paced and include very lively discussion about a topic of interest- anything from raising potbellied pigs to political arguments to marketing your small business.

They usually range from 30 minutes to 1 hour with the host asking questions of the audience in which they reply to answer with the pertinent hashtag included in the tweet.

Why Tweet Chats can Benefit Your Small Business

There are several ways a tweet chat can benefit your small business.  You can be a participant in the discussion, host an ongoing weekly or monthly tweet chat and/or sponsor one.


Participating in a tweet chat is very simple.  First you will need to find one that is relevant to your niche or target audience.  Simply search for “tweet chat {your business subject}.  For instance, if you sell jewelry you may want to search for “tweet chats jewelry” or “tweet chats fashion” if you wanted to broaden your search.   Once you find some active tweet chats that interest you and you are able to attend head over to which is a free site that helps track the chats hashtag and the conversation.  Jump in, introduce yourself when the time is right (there are always introductions) and participate in the lively discussion.  Let it be known you have knowledge of your business and industry.  By demonstrating your ability to hold a conversation about the chosen topic you attract followers and potential clients and customers.


Tweet chats always need a host to organize the event each week or month, get the word out about the tweet chat and then run it.  The host keeps the flow of the conversation going with questions and answers.  Usually the host is someone knowledgeable in a certain industry or subject.  Hosting can be a lot of work but the rewards can be very beneficial to your small business as people realize your expertise.


Some tweet chats are sponsored by a company or brand in order to get the word out about a new product or simply to advertise they exist.  Many times a sponsor will have a random drawing at the end of the chat.  Sponsoring a tweet chat is a productive way to market your business and takes little effort on your behalf.  Prices vary according to the popularity of the chat.

I personally have participated in tweet chats and in the process have gained valuable targeted Twitter followers that have the potential to become clients and customers of mine.  And all I gave was one simple hour of my time talking about something I love.


Bio:  Allie Irish

Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM blog where she strives to help the whole work at home mom find perfect integration between her work and her life. She knows that when mom prospers everything she cares about prospers also: her family, her life and her business.


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  1. Thank you for the share. I have just starting embracing twitter for my business and I have found that, as you mentioned, the target market is definitly being reached. I really like the idea of sponsorship. Great article.

    1. Nika,

      I get the 3rd best traffic from Twitter for social media, once it was second. Behind FB and Pinterest. It has always been a great place to share and be seen and have conversation.

      Definitely look into the sponsorships, it is so easy.


  2. Allie, Thank you so much for the great post. Twitter chats are fun, a GREAT way to connect with others and a great way to become more familiar with the how Twitter works. Appreciate your insite!

    1. Kristina,

      I agree. I tweet and tweet and share but I really get some great engagement and exposure when I participate in the Tweet chats. Try one out.


  3. Great resource. Tweet chats is something I’ve been meaning to look into and you’ve done the researching for me. I appreciate you! Thanks! Now, off to search for some time management and direct sales chats.

  4. I like Twitter chats and made lots of network connections and friends this way. The only thing is that some of them move too fast and that can be overwhelming, particularly when there are lots of participants. It’s really hard to keep up.

    Thanks for sharing your tips, Allie!

    1. Delia,

      I agree. I have actually had my stream freeze because the chat became too exhausting for the software. It’s ok if you can’t keep up, many people can’t. I always just try to at least keep up with the moderator and whoever directs replies at me.
      Thanks! Happy Tweeting!

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