Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.45.21 PMUnless you have been living under a rock the last few months, you’ve likely seen the Facebook reach for your business page plummet.  The average reach is now 4.5% of your fans.

Since Facebook is the largest social media platform with 18 million business pages competing for attention, it makes sense that ultimately your content will be shown to fewer and fewer people.

If you want to have your content reach as many people as possible, here are 4 simple solutions to grow your organic Facebook reach.  The goal of these 4 actions is to have people Like, Comment and Share your posts.

How Can You Get More Likes, Comments and Shares?

  • Give “the factory tour” – show what happens behind the scenes – it is fun for people to see your office, pics of your co-worker (your dog or baby), your production for a customer or pics of a recent team meeting.
  • Engage your audience with questions – people love knowing the answer.  Ask something they already know or better yet, solicit their feedback on a new program or promotion
  • Share non-marketing images and videos that may be of interest to your audience
  • Keep it FUN and POSITIVE – one of my favorite pages to follow is LoseYourExcuseNow – their posts are so positive and uplifting.  You just want to like and share their posts.

Hopefully, these are a few ideas to help you get more than a 4.5% reach from your Facebook Fans.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to create more engaging posts – please share in the comments.



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    1. Hi Lisa,
      Good question – since we offer a service here at Business Among Moms, I will sometimes post pictures of my helpers aka kids assembling SWAG bags for our Diamond Club member. Other ideas may be pictures of notes for upcoming trainings you are putting together or pictures of events you have attended. Hopefully that gets the wheels turning 🙂

  1. Love the idea of posting questions and keeping fun and positive. I strive to do this all the time! Posts that work for me a lot are inspirational images and quotes – yes they have nothing to do with blogging, but many of my fans and friends tell me know much they enjoy them and how it helps them stay motivated 🙂

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