blogging-business-rightAre you blogging for business or wondering if you should? Are you confused about the many blogging platforms, social media outlets, and the advice all over the Internet that is sometimes contradictory?

If so, you’re not alone. The amount of information is overwhelming, there are multiple platforms available, and a new app or program is being released… this very moment! J

Want to get 3 easy tips to start on the right foot (or change the foot, if necessary 😉 ?


Look no more than this very article. Ready?


1. The right platform for blogging

I will always recommend WordPress self-hosted ( Why? Because I know you’re serious about blogging for business and you want to do it right.

It’s the best platform out there that gives you total control over your content and blog customization.

And it provides easy integration with your website. You can add an online store, membership capability, and social sharing.

2. The right content for your audience

Once you’ve set up your blog, set a regular blogging schedule and stick with it.

Think about what your community wants: What would they like to read? How can you link that content with offers and sales you may be having?

Engage with your audience by answering to their questions and needs. Write a blog post or provide a new product and service based on their requests.

Reply to comments on your blog, both positive and negative, you’ll build a strong online presence this way.


3. The right promotion tools

OK, this title may be a bit pretentious, because there’s no 100% guaranteed answer to the promotion tools that work for your blog.

However, the social media explosion offers you so many free tools you can work with. There’s no reason why you cannot at least try a few of them.

At the beginning, choose a single platform and give it your best for at least a month. Then add more if you feel like it or just stay with your current one.

Also, don’t forget about offline promotion or other marketing material and tools you’ve been using with great results.

What matters most is to continue to apply the strategies that work for you and your business.

Be prepared to adapt and regroup, the world is changing and so your strategy must change as well.

We’re talking in great detail about these 3 tips and many more in the upcoming workshop: Blogging for business. Register here and learn!

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  1. Thanks for a great post! And you’re right, WordPress is by far, THE best. I used other sites before before but for the past few years have used WordPress and love it. Now. if I could just incorporate my blog into my weekly schedule and stick to it, I’d be set. Blessings!

    Renee-Ann <

  2. I like wordpress as a platform because I own my site now and I can put what I want however I was so used to blogger so I’m having to use my time for writing content on getting my site the way I like it. I so wish someone had told me about wordpress before I sign on with blogger all those years ago. Switching sucks!

  3. Nice round-up. I especially like your tip about focusing on one promotional platform for at least a month. It’s SO easy to get seduced by new, shiny toys (or quick hacks). Then you end up spreading yourself too thin and really not making a big impact anywhere.

  4. Thanks, Delia for the tips. Would love to hear more about the promotion tools. That’s the bit I struggle with. I totally agree with you – that your presence and engagement with your readers makes all the difference. Blogging for Business and for Pleasure is not just about saying what you have to say and the h*ll with everyone else. More than anything, it is about LISTENING!
    HUGS <3

  5. Great simple tips, Delia. Like Judy, I find the promotion part the hardest. It seems you need to spend even longer promoting than planning and writing/posting. I guess at least until your following is robust.

  6. This post is so appropriate for me right now. I am starting to outline next steps for my blog and these are all things I have been contemplating… thank you 🙂

  7. Delia,

    These are very good tips for the beginner blogger as well as one that is more seasoned but needs some reminders. I especially like the tip about mastering a platform for a month. There is no point to opening so many different social media accounts if one is not going to spend sometime learning how to use it properly.

  8. Hi Julia,

    I came here via Delia’s Blog Formatting. You have a nice site here!


    Nice post. I’m with you on the self-hosting WordPress tip. I’ve self-hosted WordPress since 2007 for my personal blogs, and whenever I have a web design client I set them up with WordPress, too.

    In short, it’s the best.

  9. Great article Delia as always! I can be one of those bloggers who took your advice in using WordPress (self hosted) platforms, and I have no regreets.

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