Sometimes the home is more than just the place where people eat, sleep and reside. For mompreneurs, it often doubles as the office for their business or maybe even the main storefront. Whether it’s an e-commerce launch pad or a renovated shop welcoming in strangers off the street, the key to running a successful business from home is organization.

But mompreneurs need to keep their business and personal lives distinct from one another if they wish to maximize their productivity while also preventing the spread of stresses from work into the home they raise their families.

Here are a few tips moms can use to stay orderly while also keeping an eye on their organization at home:

  • Make some space – If mompreneurs wish to maintain some form of order, they need their own space to conduct business tasks without the risk of being interrupted by family members or misplacing vital company items. Declaring a room to be an office is a good way to keep everything in its own place with few chances someone may move something without mompreneurs’ knowledge. It’s also a good method to teach children about boundaries by declaring the office off-limits.
  • Plan ahead – An easy way for mompreneurs to prevent losing track of what they’re supposed to be doing or where they should be going is to keep a planner. Of course, the agenda needs to be accurately filled out at all times to be successful, but a planner can help balance the parental, personal and business obligations moms have to take care of every day.
  • Label what’s important – It may not be that hard to straighten up every once in a while, but if organization is going to last, there needs to be a more permanent solution. Neat piles of papers and folded clothes can easily be undone in a rush, but if mompreneurs set aside some time to label everything of importance, things will be much simpler to put away and find thereafter.
  • Teach children the value of cleanliness – When kids are young, it might be compelling to allow them to make their small messes in the spirit of childhood. However, as the disarray begins to pile up, things could get overwhelming. It’s not always enough for mompreneurs to clean up around the house and office. If moms stress the importance of cleanliness with their children at an early age, they can guarantee that kids don’t contribute to the chaos of a blended business and personal life.

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  1. One of the feature speakers at Network Marketing Pro, name lack of organization as a killer to home businesses. I feel a lot less anxiety and more focused when I have a place for everything and everything in its place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is one of the best clear yet concise articles on mompreneur management. I am always offering and looking for the best solutions for maintaining a proper home/work life balance. So, I am so glad this came in my inbox today.

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