The two biggest reasons people give for not reaching their goals are:

  1. not enough time and
  2. not enough money.

Call them reasons or call them excuses. It doesn’t matter.

Either way, the issues are real. And they can be as unforgiving as quicksand if you’re not sure and steady about your way out.

We’ll leave the ‘not enough money’ problem for another day. Our focus today is on time-management.

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There are four keys to time management.

1.     Daily priority

2.     Schedule

3.     Assert & Advocate

4.     Action


Daily Priority

Daily priority means that you have to make working on your goal a daily priority.

Compare these two statements.

1.     “I have to lose weight.”

2.     “I am planning on reducing the sugar in my diet. Today I will chart my foods on a white board on the fridge every time I eat something.”

Do you hear the lament in the first one? Are you convinced that she is going to lose weight or lament again that she needs to lose weight?

Contrast it with the second one. She has a goal and plan to follow through on it. Do you feel more or less optimistic about her chances of success?

This is the kind of priority – the conviction and commitment — you need to bring to your goal on a daily basis if you want to achieve your goal.

You have to bring that conscious priority to your goal every day even if you don’t work on your goal every day.

You have to keep the goal alive and present.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.39.06 AM


Because by the time Thursday rolls around and it’s time for your goal to be a priority again, you may no longer have the motivation to work on it because you lost the sense of priority last Tuesday.


Schedule means you have to schedule time to work on your goal on a regular basis.

Scheduling actually helps you find blocks of time you didn’t know existed.

Personally, I am a little resistant to scheduling. I am a free-flowing kind of person and am downright recalcitrant when it comes to committing to a schedule.

I’m working on improving on this with the help a coach for one main reason.

When I schedule a block of time, I am far more productive than when I try to steal 15 and 30 minutes here and there.

Plus my kids are much more relaxed about me working for a defined block of time instead of trying to steal time.

You see, scheduled work has a definite beginning and a definite end.

Stealing time to work has no beginning and no end. It is harder to be productive and harder to defend.

Assert & Advocate

Assert and advocate means you be assertive and advocate for your time and your schedule.

Think about everybody who is likely to interfere with your schedule. Write them down. Family members and loved ones rank highest on this list usually.

These are the people you need to communicate with about your schedule.

Tell them:

1.     What you are doing,

2.     When you’ll be doing it,

3.     Why you’ll be doing it,

4.     What you need from them while you’re doing it, and

5.     What they can expect from you (time, attention, conversation, play) when you’re done.


Finally, it is necessary to TAKE ACTION in order to follow through on your goal.

Each step can be challenging, but taking action is probably the hardest.

Taking action involves letting go, making yourself vulnerable, putting yourself out there, and presenting yourself as a leader.

When you are aiming for a new goal, it conceivably means that you are stretching yourself on the inside as well as on the outside. You are acquiring new skills and expertise – as well as presenting yourself with new skills and expertise.

It can be very daunting to do one or the other, and is certainly daunting to do both.

Still, it is glaringly evident persistently pushing yourself to be more, do more, is key to achieving the goal you want to achieve.

Harry and I are fortunate to have unlimited one-to-one coaching in our system that allows us to perfect our time management skills and learn how to get more done with less.

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