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As any mompreneur knows, it can sometimes feel like there are a bunch of different factors pulling you in opposite directions at once. Take the morning, for example – you might be prepping for a big presentation at work, but you also has to make lunches, ensure your husband has his briefcase, stop the kids from running out the door without their backpacks, and so on.

After the lazy, hazy days of summer – though they might not exactly exist in a mompreneur’s world – adopting a fall schedule might seem almost impossible. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things when the company, kids, friends, spouses and other entities demand your attention. Fear not, mompreneurs of the world – it can be done!

Charting out kids’ time
Fall is arguably the busiest time of year for households. Mompreneurs have to figure out who’s dropping off and picking up the kids from school, sports practices and games, dances, club meetings and so on. They also have to map out when they can attend parent-teacher conferences and when they’ll be able to cook meals.

Making a central schedule the whole family can reference might be a good idea. A corkboard or chalkboard hung up in the kitchen or other common area can help make sure everyone knows where they need to be on any given day.

Get into a groove
During this hectic time of year, it’s important for mompreneurs to get into a rhythm, mostly because chances are things are just going to get busier as the holidays approach. Sometimes they’re going to have to spend some extra hours in the office, other times they might have to leave early to catch their child’s soccer game. Finding the right flow is important and can help prevent the work-life balance from tipping too much in one direction.

Don’t forget about Daylight Savings Time
Luckily, “fall back” is coming soon in November, so even if you haven’t fully gotten into the swing of things, at least you get another hour at your disposal coming up. Make the most of those 60 minutes – spend them with your family, catch up on sleep, finish up that project you’ve been putting off – whatever you want!

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