10 Tips For Working At Home

Working from home gives you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want. Freedom and flexibility are just a few of the many perks of telecommuting or freelancing, but it’s easy to get distracted when you’re away from a typical office setting. While you’re searching for at home jobs on job search sites like JobTonic.com, keep in mind these 10 tips for working more effectively from home.

Create a Work Schedule

It’s easy to get distracted and fall off course when working from home. Creating a set work schedule can help you stay on track. You don’t necessarily have to work 9-5, but you should designate certain hours in the day strictly to work tasks.  Once you create your routine, make sure that you stick to it.

Create a Designated Work Space

Now that you have the freedom to work from home, your first instinct may be to sit in front of the TV with your laptop. Avoid the temptation and create a designated work space in your home. A home office in a separate room is ideal to minimize distractions and separate your work and personal spaces.

Minimize Distractions

Friends and family wouldn’t disturb you if you were working in an office. They shouldn’t disturb you if you’re working from home either. Make sure that your friends and loved ones understand that you’re not available during your designated work hours. Interruptions should only be for emergencies and urgent matters.

Create a To-Do List Every Day

Each night, create a to-do list of the tasks you need to get done the next day. Having a to-do list will help you stay on track and ensure that you get everything done on time. If you’re a freelancer, for example, you may make it a point to find jobs each day to keep your business growing.

Communicate with Your Colleagues Often

Make sure that you maintain clear communication with your colleagues, employer and/or clients. Be sure that they understand what to expect from you and express any limitations a home office may create.

Get Some Human Contact

Email and instant messaging are quick and easy ways to communicate, but it’s important to get some human interaction during your work day. Try working outside of your home. Local libraries and coffee shops are great places to work.

Take Frequent, Short Breaks

If you’re working from home, you’re probably spending several hours in front of a computer screen. Take frequent, small breaks to clear your mind and give your eyes a rest. Take a walk outside or just spend a few minutes away from your desk.

Keep Your Workspace Organized

It’s hard to stay productive if your work space is cluttered. Make it a habit to clean your desk every day. A clutter-free work space is less distracting and will help you stay on track.

Stay Connected with Other Telecommuters

Keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your colleagues and other telecommuters. If a meeting is held at the office, find out if you can call in through a conference phone so that you can be a part of the meeting.

When the Day is Done, Leave Work Behind You

It’s hard to leave work behind when your home is your workplace. That’s why it’s so important to try and separate your personal life from your work life. Having a designated work space can come in handy here. If you have a home office, close the door at the end of the day and leave the office until the morning. You may work from home, but that doesn’t mean you should always be working.

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