Do you belong to any Facebook groups?  They can be a fantastic way to build relationships, get access to information, share opportunities and actually do business.  They can also be a spam-fest.  When someone posts in the group with an “ad” do you read it?  Or do you immediately tune out?


Remember that groups are an online version of a networking event.  What would you do if someone walked into an event, picked up a megaphone and started yelling: MY SPECIAL IS 30%, ONLY 5 LEFT, SALE ENDS TONIGHT, without even introducing yourself?  You probably aren’t going to buy from that person, and the same goes for online networking as well.

Here are three simple steps to help you benefit from Facebook Groups


Build Relationships

The first thing you should do once you join a group is review the description and rules.  Most of the time the moderators will post what you should and should not do in the group.  Introduce yourself, share something about you such as where you live, what your business is and what you hope to get out of the group.  Ask questions and answer questions when you can share helpful information.  Here are some great questions you could ask (depending on the nature of the group)


What local events would you recommend for a etsy seller of baby items?

What advertising have you had the most success with?

What’s your favorite tip for working at home with kids?

Who lives in or near _______ and interested in meeting up for coffee?


80/20 Rule

It is so simple and applies to so many areas of work and life.  If you spend 80% of your time really focused on building relationships, helping out others in the group and generating discussion that is beneficial, when you do have a new program launching, an amazing sale or an event you want to share, it will be noticed and viewed much more favorably by others in the group.  Be sure to check the rules, to ensure it is OK to share these with the group.


Don’t Add People To Groups Without Their Permission

This is a hot topic.  Be sensitive that people like to control where they are present in social media and even if you are Facebook friends, it doesn’t give you the right to add someone to a group without their permission.  Ask first, or make sure they understand they will be added to a group when they join your community.

Business Among Moms has Facebook groups to support our chapters across the country.  We know these can be a great benefit to our community and want to keep them spam free!

If you don’t live near a chapter and want to participate in the online community, we offer a monthly, annual or lifetime  membership options that builds your network and provides business visibility benefits.  We invite you to learn more about how we can help you grow your community via Facebook groups via the link below:

You can learn more about Diamond Membership here

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  1. Thanks for asking what help I need, it helped me to focus.
    1. finding more clients via likes on social media
    2. How to sell myself and be happy asking for sums of money
    3. Community of women interested in sharing and supporting
    4. Sharing my posts
    5. Having more fun in my lonely world of single mum and marketing myself as a business
    6. How to successfully market myself with ease.
    7. new outside the box ideas,
    A virtual community is a great start to my support thanks

  2. Great tips! I am a certified social media trainer and I work with home business owners and direct sellers helping them to increase their visibility on Facebook without paying for ads. You make some great points in this article. Adding people to groups without their permission was one of the topics I covered in my last free webinar on the top 10 things business owners should not do on Facebook. The replay is still up on my website and Facebook page if anyone is interested in watching. The most important thing to remember about behaving on Facebook, whether in a group or not, is to be yourself and be genuine. People do not go on Facebook to be marketed to. It’s a social network. They are there to socialize and build relationships 🙂

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