Over the last ten years or so, the number of people who are engaged in blogging has risen beyond anyone’s expectations. A significant percentage of people who now run a blog and write regular posts, are stay at home moms. Mommy blogging, as it’s known, is a growing sector and an increasing number of blogging moms now make a good, and sometimes significant, income from their blogging activities.


Is mommy blogging for you?


If you are looking for a way to make money doing something that you enjoy, then you might want to consider setting up a blog too. Many moms, whether their children are grown or still living at home, blog for both fun and profit. Setting up a blog is easy, and if you are not sure whether you want to invest even the small sum of money needed for a domain name and web-hosting, then you could set up a free blog with companies like Blogger.com and WordPress.com. If you enjoy writing about anything, from your everyday life, to cookery, child rearing etc. then this could be for you. If you like writing, have at least an hour or so to spare each day, and the will to work through the dry times, then this might be your new career path.


Moms are making news in the Blogosphere


The world of blogs and blogging changes on an almost daily basis, and these days the number of blogging moms is growing daily. Ten years ago many of the people who started their own blog were looking to make money with Google AdSense, but in order to do that they had to target their posts to the type of adverts that Google placed on their blog. However, as the old song reminds us, times are changing. An increasing number of bloggers, whether or not they are moms, now make money with companies like Amazon, simply by reviewing books and products. If a visitor to that site clicks on one of the Amazon links and buys a book or product, not necessarily the one you might have reviewed, the blogger receives a payment.


Making money with your blog


Many blogging moms contact other bloggers and offer to write a guest post. Normally, the poster is not paid but can leave a link back to their blog, which brings more traffic, (i.e. visitors to the poster’s site). Some bloggers enjoy blogging so much that they look for other writing work online; there are plenty of writers who started a freelance writing business this way.

If you enjoy writing a lot you might want to write books, promote them on your blog and sell them as eBooks through Amazon. Many people make a good monthly income this way; particularly as the number of books they publish starts to grow. Many blogging moms write reports that are helpful to other bloggers and especially other blogging moms. Visitors to the blog supply their name and email address to receive a free report, which is known as list building. Once you have a list of people that you can email with regular updates and news of upcoming products, you get more potential buyers.


What it takes


It can take several months of posting before a blog takes off, which means that it sometimes feels as though you are writing in a vacuum. You need patience and the ability to stick with building your blog, advertise your posts on Twitter and Facebook and you may find that the number of visitors will increase quite quickly. Providing you stick with it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a decent residual income from your blog.

Once your brand becomes known you may need to employ the services of others. If so, you might want to consider using HR software solutions from CIPHR. Making use of such software will allow you to keep track of your employees while still giving you the time necessary to grow your business.

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