Summertime and the living’s easy….except for those of us working from home. Juggling playdates, babysitting coops, camps and kids looking for something to do make it tricky to keep up with your work schedule.

The good news is that it can be done.  Here are amazing summer productivity tips for work at home moms:

Have dedicated kid time. When the kids are home for summer, it’s too great of an opportunity not to spend some fun time with them. Yes, you need to work but see if you can set up a work schedule that allows you to go on fun adventures with your kids. Summer (and life) are short so make the most of them. Plus, when your kids know that you are going to work from 9-2 and then you all get to go to the pool, they’re more likely to let you work.

Erin Baebler – Magnolia Workshop

Three Words that can change your family life = Weekly Family Meeting. – We stumbled across this idea a few years ago and it has made ALL the difference.  What is a family meeting?  Well once per week we sit down as a family (you could sit at the kitchen table or get comfy on the couch or floor) and have a meeting.  There is an agenda and everyone participates.  We start with each sharing something we are thankful for or excited about.  We next go around with concerns or something we need help with.  Then we go over the schedule for the upcoming week.  We find conflicts or where we need to make adjustments, and figure out who is driving who to where so that everyone is on the same page before the week starts… We wrap up with assigning tasks and going over the chore charts followed by everyone sharing what they are looking forward to most!  IMPORTANT: Let the kids have input!  This should be a conversation!  Kids support what they help create!  My kids get excited for family meeting night.  Now when I say “week” it’s the “family week” so if your meeting is on a Wednesday your week goes from Thursday to Wednesday.  Give it a try!  It is amazing!

Mindy Lee Lipsky – Innovative Coaching Services

Keep your kids busy and engaged during summer.  Whether you enroll them in a day camp program, or sign them up for fun activities and courses, engaged and busy kids are happier kids in the summer. Perhaps your child has a special interest that you can’t seem to make time for during the school year… If that is the case, summer is a great time to learn a new skill, instrument or hobby. We also are lucky enough to live in a community that has a swim team, so not only do the kids get to compete in meets with their friends from other communities, it gets them out of bed three mornings a week and keeps them in great physical shape!

Cena Block – Sane Spaces

Networking can still happen

Instead of spending time meeting people in person.  Set up virtual coffee dates via or  Or set a goal of having 3 phone calls with people you’d like to know better per week.  Work that around kid schedules or naps.

Hannah Williamson – Peach

Set Up an Alternative Schedule

If you have the flexibility, an alternative schedule during the summer months can be great for you and your family. Scenarios like a 4-day work week, or shifted hours (where you start super early and end your day early or start late and end late) can give you the opportunity to spend more quality time with your kid(s) over the summer months.

Personally, I am planning to do a combination of both.

I’m hoping to arrange for a 4-day work week at least every other week and am planning on starting early so I could wrap up early on the days I work. This would give me and my children the opportunity to hit the beach on my extra day off during the abbreviated work weeks, and we’ll ALSO have time for activities in the afternoons when I start early/finish early. Since my kids are a little older, that work schedule really pays off because I will be working while they are sleeping, so, they won’t miss me AND I’ll still have the bonus of a relatively quiet house while I am working.

Holly Hanna – Work At Home Woman

Don’t forget to schedule a few family adventures. In the midst of all of the camp chaos, try to take some time to vacay with your own family. Go big or go small. The point is to spend time with one another. Schedule beach days or leisurely dinners al fresco. Take a road trip. Visit an amusement park. While it can be painful to plan and prep for a family vacation, especially with younger kids in tow, the memories are priceless.

Kelly Rivera  – Breadwinning Mama

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