what to do when you feel stuck


I had the benefit of attending a breakfast last week where Jane Park, the co-founder of Julep, a premier online beauty brand delivered a talk about her top lessons in failure.  Throughout her talk there were lots of laughs, inspiration, and the theme that as women, we are WAY too hard on ourselves.  We have a tendency to be critical, not asking for what we deserve and trying for our dreams because of fear of failure.


These “mistakes” were inspired by her talk and they are areas where I see women getting held back in business.  Start making these 5 mistakes and build your confidence; both personally and professionally.


Say goodbye to perfect

If making sure everything is just right before you launch that product, write that book, open that online store or start your service business, you may never start.  Perfectionism can be a strength, but it can be detrimental to an entrepreneur.    Better to take action and “launch it”,  you can always improve it later.



Forget the map

Guess what all those leaders in business, CEO’s, influencers or people you admire have in common?  They are making decisions to the best of their ability as they go.  They put one foot in front of the other.  There is no secret map or guide book on how to be successful.  It’s smarts, risk-taking, timing and not being afraid to try.


Expect failure

I’ve often said to my friends, “set your expectations low, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised if they are exceeded”.  Same philosophy. Being an entrepreneur is HARD.  And the rewards can be tremendous.   But don’t think just because you are the boss (or no longer have a boss) that everyday will be roses.  The challenges will be there, but the successes are so much sweeter when they are your own.  And when you have the mindset of expecting failure, you will truly enjoy success.


Dance like no one is watching…because they are not

My daughter is very shy and struggles with being in front of a group because she feels like “everyone is watching me”.  Of course if I tell her that people aren’t, it doesn’t change the way she feels and I think we all can relate to this one.  We spend so much time getting dressed for a special event, like an auction or a wedding, when really, would anyone even notice if it was a dress you wore the last time you saw them?  Probably not…..


So the next time you are getting really worked up over a presentation, event, or worried about how you were perceived, just remember…it’s not all about you 🙂


Get more “no’s”

Ever feel like you get 10 “no’s” for every “yes”? This is important metric to measure in your business.  Especially if it’s part of your sales cycle.  Track it, so you know exactly how many leads (no’s) you need to convert to the customers (yeses).


No one really likes to hear the word “no”, except maybe toddlers, however in business and life, no’s actually do get you closer to the yeses.


What are your favorite mistakes?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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  1. i attended that breakfast as well. It was refreshing to hear Jane Park be so honest about the mistakes she made and the tenacity she had to keep moving forward. She does an amazing job of incorporating social media into her sales and marketing.

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