3 tips for women in business

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Female business owners are preparing for one of the busiest times of the year: the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if entrepreneurs don’t plan ahead for the season. It’s crucial for people at all levels of a company to prepare for the holidays. Let’s look at three tips for this endeavor:

1. Get business website ready

The season is also busy for e-commerce, so female business owners need to make sure their technology is in working order. This means testing the system for increased traffic, performing data backups and doing routine maintenance before the influx of customers. Companies should also check if their cybersecurity measures are able to handle potential threats during the holidays. With some much new consumer information entering businesses’ databases, hackers are anxious to infiltrate networks. Enterprises should refrain from updating their solution or adding any new features during these couple of months, as one mistake could cause a system-wide shutdown.

To make the process even more enjoyable for customers, companies could work on increasing their website’s speed. Quicker page downloads, navigation and checkouts will increase consumer satisfaction during the holidays and make clients more willing to return.

2. Review and revise company policies

To avoid any unnecessary mistakes or problems, female entrepreneurs should look over current procedures to ensure they’re updated and ready for the holidays. From customer service to shipping seasonal orders, everything should be in place before the busy period gets underway. Business owners should consult with employees and ask for their input. Workers may have some helpful tips and tricks to share since they are the ones working in the trenches most often. After entrepreneurs have looked over these policies, company leaders should distribute copies of this information so every employee is on the same page.

3. Prepare inventory

It’s not uncommon for items to fly off the shelves during the summer holidays. Companies need to make sure their supply meets customer demand this season. This action takes a lot of preparation. Women business owners should consult records from previous years to figure out what products were most popular and to help entrepreneurs decide how much stock to have on hand. Company leaders should also consider any items promoted through holiday advertisements, as the products customers see first will often go the fastest.

Once the estimated stock has arrived, employees must make sure the inventory is as organized as possible for easy location and shipping.

Business Among Moms_3 tips for women in business to prepare for the holiday season


Summer holidays are overwhelming for all people involved, from business owners to employees to customers. All parties want the experience to be positive and successful. To avoid errors during this busy season, female entrepreneurs should take some preparatory steps, including planning inventory, preparing the website and reviewing company policies.

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