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Reflecting on this past year, were there ways you could have ran your business more successfully? Maybe you regret not cleaning your desk more often, or maybe that pile of receipts is haunting you from your drawer. To make this new season easier for you, we’re giving you three easy ways to organize your business for success in 2016, including fresh ways to back up your data, organize your receipts and clean your office space.

1. Organize your business receipts

Do you still save all of your receipts in an old shoebox? Is your expense spreadsheet starting to look like it caught the winter flu with a slew of messy numbers and letters? If you prefer your receipts to be organized electronically, try taking advantage of your accounting software to organize your receipts and tax forms. Saving and organizing your financial data becomes much easier when you get rid of spreadsheets and start automating your bookkeeping. For example, an accountant may get many emails a day about travel expenses for his or her company and keeping track of these emails can be difficult. Using an automated software solution can help ease the tension of business trip financing.

2. Clean your desk – or don’t

Many brilliant minds such as Albert Einstein and Roald Dahl worked at very messy desks. Yet other successful minds – such as Steve Rubel, Global Strategist for Edelman – keep their desks so empty that people wonder if anyone even sits there. The choice to clean your desk or not is ultimately up to you, but doing so may provide a fresh new perspective and even uncover old documents you’ve been looking for. If you’d like to clean your desk and have no idea where to start, begin with picking up all of your items and placing them in large piles on the floor by category: papers in one area, receipts in another, post-its in a third and reminders or knickknacks in the last. On your desk, only keep the essentials and put the rest on carefully organized boxes in a closet or storage cabinet. This keeps your non essentials out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

3. Back up all of your data

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working on an important new contract and you step away from the computer for a quick meeting. Suddenly someone spills their mocha all over the keyboard and fries your computer. Now all of your data is gone. How can mishaps like these be prevented? One important way to save your data is by backing it up into the Cloud using a service such as Google Drive or iCloud. If the idea of having your client information out in the open sounds frightening, consider using an external hard drive that can plug into your main network computer. According to Live Science, you should back up your regularly updated files every couple of weeks to ensure document safety.

Organizing your business after a season of holiday prepping may sound daunting, but we assure you that the work will be worth your effort, and there are tools to help. Now put on those heels, Mom – you’ve got a business to run.


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