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Do you ever find yourself saying, “I meant to get that down, but then life got in the way”  I hear it all the time from other working moms.  It’s true…we are constantly dodging bullets from our kids getting sick, issues with our home or elderly parents needing our help and care.  When you live in reactionary mode to the life events that get thrown our way it is really hard to accomplish anything. I was inspired to write this post, since I’ve had great success getting things done while life gets in the way.

I have been living with cancer since August of 2014, a form of Leukemia called Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL for short and I’ve gone from someone who sees the doctor once a year for my annual exam to sometimes up to weekly.  I’m a regular at the clinic where I am monitored.  Sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name.

In spite of this, I have managed to accomplish major milestones and continue to grow my business.  Here are a few of my tips to help stay the course when life gets in the way.

1) No email or social media first thing in the morning

NEVER..I repleat NEVER check social media or your email before tackling one thing on your to do list.

You now how it goes – if you start the morning on Facebook or Instagram, next thing you know an hour has passed and all you’ve done is like posts.  Same thing with email, especially if you receive a high volume of email.  As you email, there is the boomerang effect and you will end up on email for a longer period of time.

I create or do before I look on social media or even respond to emails

2) Focus on the Big Picture:   Every Day

My mission is serving my audience through in person and online events, coaching and training my leaders and hosting a kick ass conference.  I write down 5 things I can do at the end of every day that will keep me moving forward to meeting my big picture goals.

Whatever technique you use, whether it is starting the day by writing your intention or spending some time with your vision board daily.  Remember what you are striving for and then take small steps to get you there.

3). Be efficient

I spend a lot of time waiting at doctor appointments. Like right now for example.

Use that time wisely. Answer emails, plan blog posts, return calls. Plan your next week’s schedule. If I use this time, then I don’t get frustrated at the useless time spent waiting

4) Plan.  Then Work The Plan

I have a system of milestones I am working towards weekly and plan time in the week to accomplish those. If something cuts into my “do time” such as unexpected appointment, or sick kiddo or home emergency, I either borrow time from another less pressing project or it carries forward to the following week.

5). Surround yourself with others that have your back.

I have learned to ask for help (hard) but necessary as we sometimes need kids picked up from school extra care for them due to appointments. I’ve also extended this to my work life where I have trusted Business Among Mom members to run BAM meetings if I can’t for some reason.

I feel like I’m getting more done now professionally than I ever have in less time. What have you found that works well for you?

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