The Power of Print

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Marketing mavens, don’t forget about print
In today’s ever-changing media environment, marketing options abound. Since your teenage daughter never puts down her phone, and now that your dad has a solid handle on how to use Google, it must be time to throw out print marketing and shift entirely to digital, right? Not so fast.

It’s true – being a small business owner in the digital age means embracing new technologies to advance your business. But tried-and-true print marketing can still bring unique value to your marketing mix.

Establishing credibility
When you’re starting or expanding your small business, establishing credibility can be tough – especially on a small business budget. Without an expensive celebrity spokesperson (or perhaps even a free-standing storefront), what’s a mompreneur to do?

Professionally designed and printed marketing materials can be a great – and affordable – first step. If you look in the right places, you can find graphic design and printing services that will pack a punch at any budget. (And with The UPS Store’s current print promotion, it’s more affordable than ever!)

Empowering the handshake
It’s no secret that effective networking is a big part of being a successful small business owner. Every person you meet could be the customer or partner that takes your business to the next level, so it’s critical to be prepared to leave them with a lasting impression.

Good looking, high-quality business cards can be hugely impactful in these situations. In fact, a recent The UPS Store survey found that business cards are a common tool amongst small business owners with three-fourths using them to promote their business. Ending conversations with a card that authentically reflects your business and personality can be a great way to solidify relationships.

The staying power of tangibility
While digital media continues to grow and expand, it isn’t everything. We all know people that still prefer a paperback book to a tablet and a newspaper on the doorstop to a mobile app. The words and images that appear are all the same, but there’s just something satisfying about print – about holding the object in your hand, about physically turning a page, about making notes with an ink pen. There’s something about tangible, printed media that sticks with you in a way digital media doesn’t.

Strategic print marketing can have the same effect on potential customers. Seeing an interesting flyer in a coffee shop or receiving a relevant piece of direct mail at home can provide a way to connect with the brand in a way other pieces of marketing just can’t.

When you’re ready to incorporate print materials into your marketing strategy, your local UPS Store can be a great partner in getting started. And now until May 2, get 30 percent off your online printing order with the code 30SPRING.

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