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Have you recently started a business and feel a little lost?  I know several moms in this place, and wanted to share my experience along with a few others in coming posts to provide some support that you are not alone. We’ve been there! 

I was a burned out sales executive tired of missing field trips, sporting events and even my kids birthday once!  Once my kids were born, I became obsessed with my search to find a business that would enable me to have the freedom I craved and simultaneously offer the challenge and excitement of building a business.  When I found Business Among Moms, I thought all my problems were solved – it was a site with primarily passive income and replaced over half my income!

Well…it wasn’t that easy.   I really didn’t like the business model which required me to hustle for advertisers every month.  The even larger problem was my new identity. I didn’t realize how much of my identity was wrapped up in my old career and paycheck.  We made a lot of financial cuts in our household to allow me to pursue this lifestyle and I was having a hard time adjusting to them. The first year I bought this business, I was actually pretty miserable because I was stressed, trying to learn online business and feeling a little lost with my identity.

Early in 2014, I thought long and hard about what I wanted Business Among Moms to be known for.  I landed on:

  • Small Business Education
  • Connections
  • Community


That allowed me to focus on my core offerings of networking and educational events and things started to fall into place!  A couple of years later, the business is growing and I couldn’t be happier. Best of all, I feel confident and secure when I am talking about what I do at a party or with new people.

Here’s what I wish I would have been prepared for BEFORE I took on this business:

There are no shortcuts

Whether you are starting a business, buying a business or joining a direct sales company, if someone tells you it’s easy – they are full of it!  Building a successful business takes hard work.  

Know what brings you joy

Since you will be working really hard, make sure the business aligns with your core philosophies and it brings you joy.  I had a disconnect because the business didn’t serve a purpose that made me feel good about what I was doing.  If you value relationships and your business doesn’t allow for relationship development, you will be miserable.  Either change the model or find something else to do.

Where are your customers

Marketing is the biggest challenge for our community.  Knowing who your customer is and where they hang out is key.  The more specific you can be the better.  I suggest knowing where they hang out IRL (in real life) as well as online.  Start joining the Facebook and LinkedIn groups where they are.  If your customer is at farmers markets because they buy natural and organic food, then test market and try having a presence an your local market.

Find your support

The best thing I did for myself was starting in person events for networking and support.  By having a community of women who got my challenges, we all helped each other.  Find the right group for you.  You can check meetup, your chamber of commerce or our chapters list.  


If you have reinvented yourself, what did you find helpful?  Please feel free to share in the comments?


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    1. Thank you so much for reading Jill and especially appreciate the feedback since you’ve always been an entrepreneur. i have a lot to learn from you!

  1. I joined BAM for the camaraderie of the women in the group and, having no business background, being able to tap into the wealth of knowledge the group has to offer–your article made several good points.

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