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Juggling the demands of work and home, today’s Mompreneurs prove that superheroes don’t always wear capes. Mompreneurs are everywhere – female entrepreneurs start twice as many businesses as men according to Entrepreneur. Further, there are more than 10 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. and, when it comes to female small business owners, more than 90 percent have children.

Millions of women have successfully turned their hobbies into profitable enterprises or transitioned from traditional workplace environments to work-from-home companies. Natural innovators, they aren’t afraid of finding unconventional ways to make it work for their businesses, themselves and their families. Proficient networkers, many continue to cultivate relationships made in former workplaces and new sources (schools, mommy groups, etc.), leveraging them into opportunities to grow their businesses even more quickly.

While 27 percent of American women say their gender has been a disadvantage in their lives (compared to just 7 percent of men), Mompreneurs have turned gender into their advantage. Here are five super powers that set today’s female work-from-home entrepreneurs apart.

  1. Bending the Time-Space Continuum

Being in two places at any one given time is no problem for today’s Mompreneurs. The lines that exist between her work world and her home world might as well be invisible. Home-based female entrepreneurs have out-witted onerous commutes by eliminating them altogether. They’ve mastered the art of “being there” for their families and customers by planning ahead, blocking out time for important tasks, limiting interruptions and becoming a work-around queen.

  1. Overcoming Mis-Underestimation

Mompreneurs are smart. In fact, Pew Research Center’s analysis of census data shows that one out of every ten mothers who have a Master’s (or an even higher degree) choose to stay home. Some of these so-called “Opt-Out Moms” left the workforce out of choice, others were forced out by the inflexibility inherent in most traditional workplaces. Just because they aren’t working in an office, doesn’t mean they aren’t working at all though!

Most superheroes are seriously underestimated. Instead of disillusioning the masses, they turn this into their advantage and fly under the radar, putting themselves in their right place at the right time to save the day. Many female small business owners who choose to work from home risk being taken less seriously than their office-based peers; however, make no mistake, they’ve got the freedom to overtake their competitors, and those competitors might not even see her coming.

  1. Leaping Tall Cash Flow Challenges with a Single Bound (or Click)

Low overhead makes it easier for Mompreneurs to generate the cash flow they need to help their business and family thrive, but sometimes they need a little more. These female entrepreneurs know where to turn to seek out potential investors, business loans for women, small business grants and partnerships when they need additional working capital to grow.

  1. Converting Energy into Matter

The Mompreneurs’ time management skills set them apart when it comes to meeting the needs of others. It sets them apart when meeting their own needs as well. They understand the importance of self-care, diet, exercise, rest, time away from work and the many other facets that go into creating an incredible work-life balance.

A Mompreneur’s own energy is just the beginning though. Today’s Mompreneurs have a keen sense of the value of cooperation. They know how to rally volunteers, delegate, when to ask for help, and how to trade for what they need.

  1. Shape-Shifting Like a Boss

One minute she’s a mom, the next she’s the CEO. Mompreneurs can go from parent to professional in the blink of an eye. Their ability to multi-task and successfully manage the demands of both personas enables them to transform on-demand. You’ll see a Mompreneur instantly morph from mother to manager in and out of the home, from the soccer field to the grocery store.


If you are a Mompreneur, you might not have even been aware of your super powers until now as exercising these abilities is part of an average day for you. It’s time for you to understand and appreciate the unique abilities that set you apart from other business owners and turn that knowledge into advantages that can help you grow your business today.

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