At one of our Business Among Moms networking events, we recently had the privilege to learn from Corissa St. Laurent at Constant Contact about email marketing and how critical it is to your business.

So the rest of our audience can benefit from her teachings, I wanted to recap the highlights from her talk in this blog post. Hopefully this will help you get started using email marketing in your business or if you are already have an email service provider, you can take these tips to level up your email marketing savvy.


The Basics – Getting Started

Choose An Email Service Provider

First step is to choose an email service provider if you don’t already have one.   An email service provider allows you to deliver professional, personalized emails.  And most importantly, you can get information about what your audience is interested in based on their behavior with your emails.

There are many to choose from – Constant Contact is great and also offers incredible training opportunities (usually free).  Other reliable providers are Mail Chimp, AWeber and Mad Mimi.

Invite subscribers

Always get permission first – you do want people to know they can get special offers, news or information from you.  You don’t want to violate SPAM laws, and that happens when you add people to your email list without their permission.


The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Drive Revenue and Profit

If you send an email when you have a sale, special event or new product introduction, you are much more likely to get a sale or add a new client.  One of Constant Contact’s customers reports, “Everytime I send out an email, I get a sale in 15 minutes. Overall, I get up to four times as many sales with these newsletters than I did with my old ones and they’ve gone from about $50 per order to $100.”

Create and increase awareness

When you send emails on behalf of your business, you are staying top of mind with your customers.  If you use your emails to provide valuable content and focus on helping your audience, you will greatly increase the likelihood that they will think of you when they need your products or services.

What To Send To Your Audience

Once you’ve decided to use email to communicate, think about what they will want to hear about.  If you have a product business, email subscribers could be treated to early product releases, sales, VIP days, customer appreciation parties and more.

If you have a service business – you can provide helpful information or education around your industry.  One of the Business Among Moms community members has a bodywork studio and provides educational videos that help with posture.  She focuses on being helpful and her audience appreciates it!

Mostly, people want to know what to expect when they sign up.  If you provide irrelevant content you increase the likelihood they will unsubscribe.

What does the ideal email look like

According to Constant Contact is no more than 3 images, 20 lines of text and no more than 3 clickable links.

Use the pre-header (small text of 6-10) words to help the recipient determine what the email is about.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.16.53 PM

How To Measure Your Results

The goal with email marketing is to get click-throughs.

Your open rate will gauge interest and help you determine the best day and time to send emails.

Industry averages for open rates are 8-28%

Click throughs help you measure success and identify engaged readers.

Industry averages for click throughs are 5-18%

Some actions you can take if you have low open rates or click throughs:

  • Make sure your from name is recognizeable (your name at your company)
  • Ensure your subject line is interesting
  • Have strong calls to action
  • Keep the email short

If you have high opens and clicks, congratulations!  And here are some actions you can take:

  • Experiment to find the best day and time to send
  • Identify your best keywords
  • Segment your list to superfans
  • Format your links to stand out
  • Segment your list to identify “superclickers”

Are you using email in your business?  What has worked well for you?

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