The Best Podcasts For Mompreneurs


There’s a lot of talk about morning routines among entrepreneurs.  I’ve dabbled with the Miracle Morning routine of meditation, visualization, writing and exercising and I’ll say it is very beneficial. The downside is you have to get up much earlier, which is not my strength.

I actually had a good laugh at a networking event this week because the speaker said you could a have a Miracle Morning routine, even if you only have a 6 minutes routine.  You could devote 1 minute to prayer, exercising, writing, etc.  How the hell would you do all that in 6 minutes?  I can barely make it out of bed in 6 minutes.

One morning routine I do practice most days is walking the dog and listening to a podcast.  That’s my time for learning from other smarty-pants entrepreneurs.  In case, you don’t have any favorites here are a few of mine.

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 3.20.19 PM

Biz Chix

Natalie Eckdahl is the host of this show for women entrepreneurs.  It’s been very fun to watch the evolution of the podcast from her early days when I was interviewed back in early 2014 to her new series format.  Recent series included a small business reality series and a productivity series.

Natalie is very authentic and is just so easy to listen to.  I’ve really enjoyed her interviews and her solo shows where she delivers great information that is actually useful for your business.




Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.10.35 AMBiz Women Rock

Katie Krimitsos is the engaging host of this show for female entrepreneurs that are in the “adolescent” stage of their business.  She is funny, engaging and even has a series of podcasts specifically for mompreneurs.  She often delivers a review of an awesome business tool, spotlights members of her private Facebook group and has an interview with a successful female entrepreneur.



Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 3.25.29 PMMom Biz Solutions

Lara Galloway is a coach that specializes in helping mompreneurs balance the priorities of running a viable business they love and managing their family.  One of the great elements of her podcast is they are short, bite-sized episodes that tackle one specific issue like tips for summer success as a mompreneur.


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.13.57 AMJoyful Courage

We can’t talk about podcasts for mompreneurs without talking about parenting.  Casey O’Roarty hosts the Joyful Courage podcast: a mindset for being fully present on the path of parenting.  She has amazing guests that really speak to the challenges of being a parent.  Recent episodes include Back To School, Creating Special Time and Teens and Their Need To Pull Away


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.16.21 AMFizzle

If you like to laugh while you are learning something, check out the Fizzle podcast.  They say it’s an indie business talk show – and I’ve found much of their content is geared towards the soon to be entrepreneur or someone early on their business journey.  I’ve been in business for a few years, but I really enjoy this podcast because it is so relatable about the ups and downs and challenges of business.  I highly recommend this one, especially if you are new to the entrepreneurial world or even considering starting a business. Great for the newbies looking for a community to help support them.



Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 11.22.32 AMHappier

One of my favorite books is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, so I was thrilled to discover her podcast.  Gretchen delivers hacks to improve your level of happy and a really cool things does is deliver short episodes in addition to the full length ones, called “a little happier” – each one is a short lesson such as Having More Doesn’t Make Us Happier.  This one is a great podcast for putting the right things in perspective.



This barely scrapes the surface of outstanding podcasts that can help you in your business.  If you have one to share, feel free to add in the comments below.


Curious about what Business Among Moms is all about?  We are a community that provides resources and in person support and networking to women in business.  Check our chapters page to see if we have one near you!

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  1. These sound great! I will definitely check them out.

    What is the best way to search for podcasts? The ones I find are mostly geared toward women business that sell classes or coaching. I am really looking for help from someone that sells physical products. Any search tips, or where to start looking?

  2. These are great podcasts. I enjoy Biz Chix and Lara Galloway of The Mom Biz Solutions show is great too! May I also recommend another podcast? It’s one that I host for mompreneurs as well : Mompreneurs in Heels Podcast. Thanks for your post and the resources you offer here, Julie.

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