When your business is a small local enterprise, its continued success depends greatly on the community

in which it exists. If you want your business to reach its maximum potential, one of the best ways to

encourage growth is to reach out and interact with the people living in your local area. Here are three

great ways your business can engage with the community to gain exposure.

Participate in Local Small Business Days

If your business is located in a large town or a city of any size, there’s a good chance that there’s a

thriving community of other small business owners in your area. Often, these businesses will come

together for special small business days during which they will offer their customers special bargains or

discounts. The most well-known of these events is an American nationwide shopping holiday called

Small Business Saturday, which occurs the day after Black Friday. Keep your eyes out, however, for more

localized small business days, as you may be able to get some good publicity out of them.

Hold a Community Event for a Good Cause

Perhaps the best way to generate goodwill and exposure in your local area is to host or sponsor an

event that will help a worthwhile cause. You could collect money by organizing a benefit concert or help

to organize a group of volunteers to go do charitable work in your area. Some excellent causes for

businesses to focus on include providing housing for struggling families, organizing donations for food

pantries and collecting donations for children’s hospitals or cancer research foundations. If you’re going

to organize such an event, be sure to make your own invitations and send them out, as you’ll want to

get as much publicity for the event as possible beforehand. Also consider reaching out to your local

newspaper, radio station and other businesses to help you in generating awareness for your community


Become a Community Business Leader

Many people, especially in smaller cities, fail to notice the vibrant business and entrepreneurial

communities that exist all around them. If you live in an area where small businesses and startups are

common, you can help your own business by positioning yourself as a leader and mentor in your local

business sphere. Start by looking for local entrepreneurial groups on social media or attending business

startup events hosted by local colleges. Offer to help and mentor new entrepreneurs in starting their

businesses. By providing your expertise and experience, you can start to build a reputation within your

community as a pillar of local commerce who helps others to achieve the entrepreneurial dream. You

can also see if there is a small local business magazine in your area that would be interested in running a

story on you and your enterprise.

If you become well-known and liked within your community, your business will have very little difficulty

attracting potential customers. Remember that building a local presence means giving back to the

community. Don’t expect immediate sales, but instead play the long game of generating exposure

through outreach.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking

and reading books by the lake. If you would like to make your own invitations, then Hannah

recommends using Adobe Spark.

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