So…this happened.


And everyone is talking about it.  Have you thought, “I’d like to be a fly on the wall during that product development meeting” or “who comes up these ideas”.  However crazy these jeans are, they can teach us a business lesson!  Here are PR Lessons from the Clear Knee Mom Jeans.

Be Different

It’s a crowded world out there if you are marketing products or services.  Scroll through your Instagram or Facebook and you’ll see marketers interrupting your feed with their claims of “Learn More” “Get Offer” “Shop Now”.  So, what gets your attention anymore?  What stops you from swiping on?  That’s right, Clear Knee Mom Jeans.

They are different (I’m not saying cute, just different) and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The point I’m making is how can you differentiate your product or service from the competition?  If you are selling something that is a commodity, often times prospects will buy solely because of affordability and you don’t want that.  You want people to feel a connection with you, your company and your brand.  So share your story and your why to help differentiate your business.  People love stories and the WHY behind what you are selling.  How many times have you purchased something because you love the mission of the company or founder?  ‘

If you are really creative, then have fun creating a wacky video that you can tie into your product.  Think about some of the best ads you’ve seen on Facebook?  Is there something similar you can apply to your business.


Get People Talking

I’m not sure that the Clear Knee Mom Jeans are selling, but one thing is happening.  People are talking about them.  Reviewing them on their blogs.  Sharing them on social media.  And that, is the nature of PR  – to increase public awareness about a product, service or event.

One of my friends runs a conference for moms, MamaCon – a day of self-care, roundtable discussions with parenting experts.  Her passion is No Mama Should Mama Alone.  She feels that passion so strongly that she created a mission of #mama2mama – where she is helping a mom a day with anything she needs for 50 days.  Housework, decluttering, a friendly ear, etc.  And people are talking!

How can you get people talking about your business?  Do you have a passion that ties into your business or a giving campaign that provides social good?  Think about your passion and what you care about and watch what happens!


PR by Association

I googled Clear Knee Mom Jeans and guess what came up in the majority of the Page 1 Google Results?  Nordstrom.  Guess who is getting a lot of publicity as a result or these decision to stock the ugliest jeans ever?  That’s right, Nordstrom.  And the link to Nordstrom’s website is in so many of the social media shares.  Moms may not be buying those, but once they’re on the site, they may click around find something else they want.

How can you benefit by PR by Association?  If you have a website where you sell products, does one of your vendors have an interesting story to share?  Maybe it’s how the product is made or the story of it’s invention.  Or if you are in direct sales, does your company support a specific cause that you can share?


I love anything small business related and taking lessons from larger companies and seeing how they apply to smaller businesses.  Our Business Among Moms community is made up of female entrepreneurs with a diverse group of businesses – we’d love for you to join us.  We are currently accepting applications for masterminds, virtual group meetings to build community, keep you accountable and help you meet your business goals.



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  1. Yes- for sure- everyone is talking about these jeans! LOL! Hilarious. Thank you for sharing this. If we can get people talking about our products and services, that’s only the beginning- but it’s a beginning. I like the idea of sharing a personal story as to what the product is important to us, and why we’re offering to the world.
    I’d love to know the story behind these clear-knee jeans 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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