Why Did You Start Your Business?

Because Time Starved Professional Women deserve to feel accomplished, loved & supported along their journeys. My passion is to help women in business have the right skill set Inside to execute all of the skills they have learned outside to succeed in their business…other than a hobby. Its about standing in their shoes as a leader, having the courageous conversations needed & to show up in business they same way they are perceived & want to show up.

What Do People Love About Your Business?

They love my ability to tell them straight out what gap is missing for their success. I am known as the courageous communicator and will guide you through those tough conversations that linger until they are faced with a Twisted perspective! I am extremely intuitive and can dig deep to where your roots are to expose limited beliefs, unconscious bias and truly give you the power back to rise in a male dominated environment. My clients also admire the 27 years of leadership experience I bring with me to my coaching practice. Mentorship and sponsorship are key to how I pair my group coaching individuals up and this has provided a strong sense of a safe zone to grow and thrive in all aspects of their lives. I make FUN….out of most situations and the sense of humor is much appreciated.

What are people saying about YBRCoaching?

“Denise took my tired, worried soul out of a career that was going nowhere and helped me honor my values of family & beauty. She worked with me on confidence and risk taking to leave a great paying job that I hated and build a new thriving business in real estate that I absolutely love!” – Charlotte C

“Denise actually listens to me and then shuts me up when needed to work on what I really need to work on. I love people and get carried away like the new shiny object syndrome and she helps me stay focused and truly holds me accountable. I have gotten more done in my business in 1 1/2 months than I have in the past 11months prior to hiring Denise.” – Debbie H

“Denise has helped me build my hypnotherapy practice with ease. She has such a terrific perspective that helps me stand out among my peers. I admire her candor, humor but most importantly her call to action and creativity. I would highly recommend her if you are a women in business and want to grow!” – Allison G

If you were to start your business all over, what advice do you wish you had received?

I would of been involved in these Mom/Women networking groups sooner. The authentic advise, masterminding information you receive is so worth the small investment. Women who make it a practice to build other women up are where you want to be when building your business. You can be real, share your pitfalls, your screw-ups candidly and there is always someone to chime in that says….”Don’t do what I did”. You don’t have to do any of the solo-preneur stuff on your own! I would also be in my business…where it is, stop getting ready to get ready. If you have a vision, it is typically because you are feeling a calling and passion to do something. Believe in yourself enough to get out there and do. I hear so many women say “I am getting re-branded”, or my website is getting redone….How about show up present when you network and just BE who you are…this is what sells your business. You!

Are there any discounts or special offers you would like to offer readers?

BAM members will receive $100 off my VIP coaching program if they sign up.

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