Why Did You Start Your Business?

After 20 years as an entrepreneur I realized I was successful in each of my businesses because I was organized. Through Organize 365 I can share my love of living an organized life with others and empower them to do the same.

What Do People Love About Your Business?

The Organize 365 podcast is an easy way for women to start to change their mindset about being organized in a non-judgmental easy conversation between friends.

What are people saying about Organize 365?

“If I’d not found the Organize 365 podcast, I would be unable to have cut myself some slack, realized I have more on my plate than your average bear, and let myself move at a new pace. Thank you, thank you, thank you … kind of doesn’t seem like enough.” 🙂 – Dawn

If you were to start your business all over, what advice do you wish you had received?

The best business advice is to just start! and keep making incrementally tweaks and progress in your business every day. Being an entrepreneur is such a fun and exciting journey. Part of the fun of being an entrepreneur is the personal growth you experience along the way.

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