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Working from home is a great way to earn an income, but you can run into problems when you have a group of bored children roaming throughout your house looking for ways to entertain themselves. Try setting them up with entertaining and educational apps, like the six listed below, for their smart devices.

PBS Kids

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PBS, the Public Broadcasting System, receives worldwide recognition for its quality children’s programming. Anchored by the classic “Sesame Street,” the many divisions of PBS share a variety of subject material and reach many age levels.

PBS maintains a website for kids to learn more about their favorite shows and explore lessons about the world around them. Moreover, PBS also supplies several educational apps based on their popular children’s programming.

Khan Academy

Although some kids might protest that they don’t like school or studying, this complaint is often as much a matter of the subjects they have to study as an actual dislike of learning. If you give kids the chance to study subjects that interest them, you’ll be surprised how much they like the process.

Khan Academy is an online school, offering many lessons for free. The institution has an app available, and if you allow inquisitive children to explore the app, you might find that they spend hours dabbling in subjects of interest. Not only will they learn about academic subjects, but they might also discover an occupation they had never considered.

Stack the States

History and geography are two intertwined subjects, as demonstrated by the Stack the States series of apps. Designed by a mother for use by her own children, this app teaches both of those subjects through a game that allows kids to unlock mini-games and states on a map by performing well on learning tasks.

The ability to touch and interact with the states and their flags adds a tactile dimension to the process, letting kids get a true feel for the subject. Overall, this app offers a fun way for kids to pick up some facts and expand their knowledge of history and geography.


Math isn’t a favorite subject for every child, but it is both essential for further schooling and useful in the real world. The DragonBox series aims to help children with math anxieties by making numbers fun.

Dragonbox consists of a family of apps available for the newest and best smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with many age groups and math categories targeted to allow kids to customize their learning experiences. Thanks to T-Mobile’s Extended Range LTE coverage that’s now available to more than 240 million people, you can use your phone almost anywhere to help you pick an app appropriate for your child’s grade and age level. For advanced students, you can download a version geared for older children.

Marble Math Junior

Another math game that will help your children get comfortable with numbers is Marble Math Junior. In this game, users move a marble around a series of mazes to complete equations and match objects. The level of the math in the game varies. Users can customize the game based on their playing abilities.

Further custom options include different marble types that kids can unlock by completing parts of the game so that the players can control the game’s appearance.

Imagination Playground 3D

Building toys have long been a favorite among parents and children alike. These toys not only offer your kids some entertainment, but they also give them a foundation in the applied STEM fields that could benefit them later in life. With apps and games, the world of building toys has expanded even more, moving beyond the limits of the physical and into the conceptual. Imagination Playground 3D is one such app, allowing users to create their own buildings, vehicles, and other items with stackable blue blocks displayed in a virtual environment.

Smart devices can be a source of fun and education, even when you’re trying to get some work down when you and the kids are at home together. Setting your kids up with any of the apps highlighted above could pay dividends in their future academic careers.

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