Would you like to create more Facebook Live videos, and mix it up by doing Facebook Lives with other people?  Or would you like to host a recurring, scheduled, Facebook Live events to develop the habit of doing more live video?  In this post, I’ll show you the platform I use and how to schedule interview style Facebook Lives.

Getting on Facebook Live more consistently was a goal for my Business Among Moms page this year and after a few clunky attempts, I found the perfect, FREE, easy to use tool to schedule Facebook Lives and even better, I can schedule my Facebook Lives and invite others to join me on screen from anywhere in the world

I use the platform Belive.TV

There are 5 things that I love about Belive.tv

  1.  It’s Free.
  2.   Gives you the option to host a Q & A style broadcast.  This would be a single host and the questions would appear large on the screen during the broadcast as in the below photo.
  3.  Easy to host an interview style, split screen broadcast.  You and your guest will share a split screen and you can have your names appear underneath your video.
  4.  You can also do a “Talk Show” style broadcast with up to 3 people on screen and up to 10 people in the waiting room
  5.  Being able to schedule my Facebook Lives to hold myself accountable to doing them!

Facebook Live interview

I get asked a lot, how do you host the interview style Facebook Lives?  

Here are the step by step instructions for an interview style Facebook Live

Visit BeLive.TV

Create Face To Face Interview Broadcast

Click on Host Your Interview
It will ask you for the text you’d like displayed, your email address, where you’d like the Live to be scheduled (personal profile, business page).  Complete this information and click Create

You’ll now be taken to the Control Panel with the links to join the broadcast.  Email the guest link to your guest.

Belive.tv control panel

Important:  You will need to join the live before your guest and make sure you are both using a Chrome browser.  I’ve experienced challenges with other browsers.

I usually hop on to the live about 5 minutes before our scheduled time.  

Connect the camera and if you want your names displayed, click show names.

Once you and your guest are ready, click Go Live.  Comments from viewers will appear in your Belive control panel.  I also like to have my Facebook Page where the live is streaming up in a separate tab to make sure I don’t miss any comments or questions.

Doing scheduled Facebook lives at the same time every week has been a game changer in my business.  Facebook algorithms currently give more weight to showing video in your followers news feed so exposure is better than a text or photo post.

We feature our Business Among Moms members every Friday at 10 AM PST to help provide visibility for their businesses.  Interested in all our member benefits?  Learn more on our website.  

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