Why Did You Start Your Business?

I started my business to Empower women by creating more joy, passion and fulfillment in their lives. I am a CPC, (Certified Professional Coach) and CLYL (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader). I have raised my 3 daughters as a virtual single mother and what kept and keeps me sane is adding Whimsical to mundane activities and laughter is very beneficial for health of body, mind and spirit. Ultimately what drives me is my Passion to Make a Difference in Women’s Lives through laughter and whimsy!

What Do People Love About Your Business?

What my clients like most is the progress and advances they have been able to make in their lives from an objective observer with fresh insights. I strive to exceed expectations and along with coaching, accountability I also share resources to assist in their goal achievements.

What are people saying about The Whimsical Women’s Coach?

Shahida F.–Montreal, CA
I expected the coaching process to provide me with a support system that would encourage me to take action and move forward in my challenges. Kathy exceeded my expectations. The coaching sessions along with the tools she provided opened up avenues for me that I would have not explored otherwise. Kathy is an amazing listener, very personable, and easy to talk to. She could totally relate to my challenges and pointed to resources that would help me.

I began doing things that I had left (ex. reading, massage, getting my hair done, nails, going to the dentist, taking 5 min during the day to recharge), and I came up with my practice name and logo as a result of Kathy’s insight. Kathy you are a great coach and I truly appreciate you giving me your time and helping me out in my journey as a new mom!!

Susan H.–Ohio, USA
Coaches remove barriers, energize you, provide new perspectives and make the impossible-possible. Truly good coaches do all of this and do so through you. –that is the type of coach Kathy is. Her questions, her insights and her guidance assist you in removing barriers and tackling projects that have been on the ‘to-do’ list for a while. Thanks to her coaching I am self-publishing a book in the next few months. This has been a lifetime goal for me!

If you were to start your business all over, what advice do you wish you had received?

I wish I started with a plan and more direction.

Are there any discounts or special offers you would like to offer readers?

20% off any packages

For more information about Kathy with The Whimsical Women’s Coach, ­connect with her:



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