The holiday season can be one of the best times of the year for ecommerce businesses – it can also be the most stressful. To make the most of online shopping’s biggest opportunity, try out some of these tried and true best practices.

Brand Your Packaging

The sales funnel doesn’t have to stop after you make a sale. One of the best ways to get customers to buy again or engage with you online is through branded packaging. With a pack-in card or branded label, you can promote your social media channels, leave a thank you message, tell customers how to get in touch with you, how to reorder, and much more. Make sure all of your messages are consistent with your brand and voice to reinforce your company’s personality and keep it top-of-mind with your audience.


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Show Customer Appreciation

Show your buyers exactly how thankful you are for their order by leaving them a short message or note within the package. This can go on the outside of the box as a simple, “Thanks for your order!,” on an inside flap so they see it right when the box is opened, or even as an insert. If it’s inside the package, consider personalizing it. Address your customer by name and hand sign it to show who packed their order. This helps to make it a one-on-one experience.


One of the best ways to show customer appreciation and increase your reorders is through coupons or discounts. Place coupon codes in your packages to convince customers to return to you when they want to purchase more. Show them that their order means a lot to you and you hope to do business with them in the future!


Build Your Social Following


If you want to boost your online presence and brand following, include a message in your packaging or on your product encouraging customers to follow you on social media. Tell them why they would want to follow your business and offer an incentive. Offering incentives, helpful articles, and other free resources will make you popular among your customers. Turn one-time buyers into dedicated customers!


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Ask Customers to Leave a Review Photo

Remind customers to leave feedback on their experience. Online retailers know how valuable feedback is to growing their business. A great online rating on sites like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy will boost your credibility and increase the amount of orders on your site. Only a small segment of buyers ever leave feedback for their seller. Remind them to leave a review of their experience to help boost your ratings. Provide your store name and a direct URL to make it easier for them to follow. You may even consider a follow up with a courtesy email reminding them to review your store. This will get customers back to your site as well and remind them of the great experience they had buying from you.


Speed Up Order Processing

One of the easiest ways you can speed up the order process for your customers involves providing clear purchasing instructions. The more they know up front, the easier the process,  and the more likely they will be to order again in the future. For example, if your Etsy shop requires customers to pick a color or size before ordering, let them know early on in your description.  


For shop owners, another way to increase turnaround/fulfillment time is printing your own shipping labels. You can even save yourself trips to the post office by scheduling USPS pickups at your home. Just remember to use a label instead of tape and paper for extra protection and professionalism.


Tell Customers Where they Can Order More

When a customer receives your package, they may need to ask a question, report a problem, or hopefully purchase more of your products. Include your phone number, email, and website on your packing slip or elsewhere on the package. This is a great, underutilized method that reduces customer friction and can increase the amount of returning buyers. This is extremely useful for consumable items. If you sell candles, bath and body products, or anything that runs out, guide them back to you and not your competition.

For more ideas on how to drive sales this holiday season, check out our Holiday Resource Guide is an online supplier of blank and printed labels that caters to small businesses with custom quantity orders and personalized customer service.

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