successful selling at vendor events

How successful are you selling at vendor events? Do you show up to your event with a
selling strategy in place?

Investing time and money into these events can be expensive. Not having a selling strategy
outlined before the event is the equivalent of buying a whole bunch of scratch lotto tickets
and hoping at least one of them is a winner. The odds are not in your favor.

Yet with a little bit of thought, you can easily make your events profitable as well as fun.

Here are 3 things you’ll want to plan for and then execute to ensure you’re successful to
make the most of each opportunity for selling at vendor events.

Tip 1: Promote, promote, promote

Be sure you’re letting the people who know, like and trust you where you’re going to be.
Share your events in your newsletter and post them on social media. In addition, reach out
and give a few personal invites focused on re-connecting with key people. This means,
instead of telling them to stop by your booth to buy something, arrange a time to give a
quick hug, handshake, or make a face to face connection. In sales, when you make the
relationship the priority, the sales follow with ease. This approach takes the pressure out of
the selling process for both you and the person you’re meeting. When a person feels at
ease, it’s easier for them to shop and make buying decisions.

Tip 2: Engage attendees with authenticity

There’s really nothing worse for an attendee than walking through a vendor event and
feeling like bait with the sharks circling. Be unique and be authentic, there’s no need to
pounce of the people walking by. One way to engage people in real conversation is to offer
a compliment. Notice something specific about the person and comment on it. The
compliment could be about their haircut, a necklace they’re wearing or even the expression
on their face. When the compliment is authentic and specific to the person, they’re likely to
slow down and engage with you. They’ll also be more apt to take a look at your wares.

Tip 3: Issue an invitation

When someone demonstrates interest in what you’re offering, it’s your job to invite them to
the next step. For instance, when someone makes a positive comment about something in
your booth, ask them if they’d like to take a closer look, hand it to them (if appropriate).
Before taking the item back, ask them if they’d like to take it with them today. In sales,
you’ve got to issue invitations. Most people will not make a conscious decision to buy from
you until you ask them. The lack of invitation is the number one reason most people are
struggling to make sales. Many people assume, “If someone want to buy, they’ll tell me.”
This way of thinking is costing you business.

There’s absolutely no harm in issuing an invitation. The worst they can say is no. And yet,
when you don’t ask, you risk never getting the yes.

Clients tell me all the time they take down people’s information at events with the intention
they’ll follow up after the event. It’s easy to ask someone for their email address and their
phone number with the intent to follow up. The hard part is actually following up after the
event. Statistically the majority of all leads from vendors events are never followed up on.

When someone expresses interest in your product/service, issue the invitation to the next
step right them. Even when you follow up on your leads after events, the chances of that
person remembering you or giving you the time of day is minimal.

Start inviting people to either schedule a follow-up appointment (meaning you and the
prospect have a time and date set on your calendars) and/or invite them to make a
purchasing decision now. Take their order at the event.

Being ready with these three strategies will increase your vendor event success rate:
1. Promote
2. Engage
3. Invite
Wishing you continued success in your business.

Guest post by Nikki Rausch of the Sales Maven. Entrepreneurs hire Nikki to learn how to sell in an authentic way without being pushy so they build more relationships and close more deals. You can get more actionable tips to help grow your business this holiday season in our Holiday Resource Guide.

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