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If you use an email service provider like MailChimp or Aweber to communicate with your followers, good for you!  That’s a great way to stay top of mind with your potential clients and customers. Once you start sending emails, there are a few techniques to help you avoid the mail spam filters.

To increase the likelihood that your emails will end up in the inbox and avoid the dreaded spam folder, try these tips:

Ask subscribers to add you to their address book

I am often retrieving great newsletters from my spam folder from businesses that I really respect. Spam filters are not discerning and sometimes, the emails that I knowingly signed up to receive still end up in my spam folder. Most spam filters allow you to whitelist a sender by adding their email address to their email’s address book. When subscribers add you to their address book, spam filters will back off.

Avoid spam triggers in your subject line

According to HubSpot, over 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line, so you will want to avoid common spam triggers such as exclamation points, all caps and words such as:

  • Buy
  • Free
  • Act Now
  • $$$$

Another way to avoid spam triggers is to send your email campaign to Emailtest before you send to your list.  This free service shows what your email looks like in every major email program and tests its spammy-ness.

Check out HubSpot’s blog post on spam words to avoid in your emails.

Explore services that integrate directly with Gmail

GMass is a powerful mass emailing service that integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google apps and Google Drive. It has the ability to send emails as either a brand new email or as a reply to a previous thread, and offers up to 8 automatic follow-ups that you can set and forget. It breaks daily sending limits, avoids spam filters, and allows for unlimited personalization in mass email campaigns.  Your email will get proofread through GMass by an English expert, and they can help provide language that will also improve the chances of landing in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Don’t embed forms in your emails

Did you know that forms such as Google Forms, Typeform or Jotform aren’t supported in email across common email clients due to security risks. Instead, place a call-to-action button or a link to a landing page with a form in the body of your email.

Verify your website with your email service provider

This tip will actually get you straight into the glorious inbox.  Watch this video from Real Marketing Solutions on how to do this if you are a Mailchimp user.  You can check the FAQ for your Email Service Provider to follow their instructions to verify your website.



What techniques do you use to help keep your emails out of the spam folder?  We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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