Last week a question was asked in a Facebook Group I participate in, “Do you have an accountability partner?”  The question initiated a ton of discussion and questions around:What is an accountability partner? How do I find one? I thought I’d cover how to find an accountability partner (and why you should want one!)

I currently have two accountability partners – one I meet with weekly and one I talk to Monday – Thursday. I’ve been accountable for almost 18 months, so I’ve experienced what an biz buddy can bring to your business (and help you maintain your sanity).

First things first:

What is an accountability partner

The fitness industry likely paved the way for accountability partners.  Weight Watchers and personal trainers meet with you, learn what your goals are and then stick with you along the way to help you reach your goals.  A business accountability partner is really similar.  It’s a person that you check in with regularly to share your goals.  Once you say them out loud, you are much more likely to strive towards them.  Here’s the structure my daily accountability partner and I share:

*Share a win from the previous day (because it’s always nice to celebrate, even if the win was getting out of bed)
*Did we do what we said we would on the previous call?
*What are the top one or two things we will accomplish that day
*Get any advice or input from each other

We keep these calls brief.  Most days they are 15 minutes.

How do I find an accountability partner?

This is a question I hear a lot!  Even though our online world is flush with online groups for female entrepreneurs, there is nothing like relationships IRL to empower each other.  Here are a few ideas to find an accountability partner you are well-matched to:

Announce that you are looking for one.  If you are an active networker or have a few Facebook groups you actively participate in, that’s a great place to share you are looking.  You may find there is someone else in the group looking for the same thing

Tell a connector that you are looking.  I am a connector and LOVE helping other people get what they need.  One of my friends had mentioned she was looking for a Biz BFF and I knew of another friend that was in a similar place in her business and I thought they would hit it off.  They started their accountability partnership a few months ago and I hear it’s been beneficial.

Podcasts or Virtual Summits:  The drive for real community is trending right now and there are podcasts and virtual events popping up that can help give you more direction in finding that accountability partner. I’m was a speaker with a virtual event called BizBFF Summit.  There is a pop-up Facebook group where you can interact with the other participants.  It may be a great place to meet your accountability partner.

A great podcast for finding accountability and Biz BFF’s is My Biz Bestie.  Hosted by Amber Hawley and Maelissa Hall, they talk about how to structure a biz bestie relationship, have working retreats and much more.

Masterminds:  A group of the same people that meets regularly to work on their businesses is a great way to stay accountable.  Finding a small group to meet in person or virtually can provide a lot of momentum and you get the benefit of building stronger relationships and accountability.  Consider forming your own, or if you want a facilitated mastermind of women at a similar level in business, more information is available about our 3 month mastermind program on our website.

What are the benefits of an accountability partner?

The biggest benefit for me has been having someone else to talk to and geek out about the business stuff that I get so excited about.  My family and friends are supportive of my business, but they certainly don’t want to hear about it all the time. I’ve also found that I really don’t like to not do what I say I’m going to do.  So, by sharing my daily goals with my accountability partner – it’s much more likely that I’ll actually do them. Finally, being an entrepreneur can be lonely so finding others you can share the journey with helps tremendously.


I’d love to hear how your questions on accountability partners. Feel free to ask away in the comments.  And if you are looking to connect in real life with other entrepreneurial women, check to see if we have a chapter near you.

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