Why Did You Start Your Business?

I started my business in 1995 out of a passion for helping people connect with what’s most important to to them — personally and professionally — and then helping them to organize their schedule, environment and thoughts in a way that helps them be most productive while staying focused on what matters most.

What Do People Love About Your Business?

These phrases are taken DIRECTLY from client testimonials:
–helping me to reflect on my life
–my accomplshments were endless
–realizing what is important to me
–I schedule my days for maximum success
–coaching has helped me to manifest my dreams and hopes
–get my business off the ground
–overcome the obstacles that prevented me from moving forward
–revolutionized my way of thinking and have transformed my business

What are people saying about Paauwerfully Organized?

Yes! Please visit http://orgcoach.net/happy-clients/ to read my client testimonials for coaching, productivity consulting, and training.

If you were to start your business all over, what advice do you wish you had received?

I was advised to hire someone who was doing what I wanted to be doing, to shorten the learning curve. At the time I did not choose to spend the money to do that, and if I had it to do over, I would have invested to spend some time learning from someone else who had already done what I wanted to do. As a result of NOT doing that, it took me about two years to learn (on my own, through the school of hard knocks) what I could have learned in just a few phone sessions with a mentor.

Are there any discounts or special offers you would like to offer readers?

I offer a no-cost discovery call to business owners and independent professionals. To learn more about this, please visit http://orgcoach.net/about-kathy-paauw/

For more information about Kathy with Paauwerfully Organized,­ connect with her:







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