How To Avoid The Comparison Trap

  Have you ever seen a fellow business owner share a huge success on social media and felt that green monster called jealousy bubbling up? Social media has made it so easy for us to compare our lives, families, mothering ability and businesses to others and often, we end up feeling like we aren’t measuring […]

How To Avoid Spam Email Filters

If you use an email service provider like MailChimp or Aweber to communicate with your followers, good for you!  That’s a great way to stay top of mind with your potential clients and customers. Once you start sending emails, there are a few techniques to help you avoid the mail spam filters. To increase the […]

Successful Selling at Vendor Events

How successful are you selling at vendor events? Do you show up to your event with a selling strategy in place? Investing time and money into these events can be expensive. Not having a selling strategy outlined before the event is the equivalent of buying a whole bunch of scratch lotto tickets and hoping at […]

Should You Invest In A Business Coach?

  You don’t. That’s right, I’m a business coach saying you don’t need to invest in a business coach. Here’s the deal: It is only when an entrepreneur is hungry for growth and transforming where they are now that a business coach even makes sense. What matters most is your mindset.   Any Olympic athlete […]

How To Stay Motivated When You Want To Quit

How To Stay Motivated When You Want To Quit   I’ve experienced 4 summers in my business now and in all of them but this one, I’ve wanted to quit – sell Business Among Moms, go back to corporate where the paycheck is consistent and the benefits are plentiful. Like many small business owners, things slow […]

Get Realistic with Your To-Do List

Get Realistic with Your To-Do List My days are always spread thin. Wearing more hats than you can count most days. More often than not, if you try to manage it all, a hat (or multiple hats) will topple. Even with effective systems and all of the technology that is available – when you are […]

Are Facebook Groups A Good Marketing Strategy For You?

Are Facebook Groups A Good Marketing Strategy For You? As Facebook algorithms make it more difficult for fans of your business page to see your posts without paying for ads, many business owners have started Facebook Groups related to their business.This can work really well for certain types of businesses, but as Facebook-land is getting […]