Mindset: The Most Powerful Tool In Your Business

In our private members Facebook group, I recently posed the question, “What is Your Favorite Tool for Your Business”. The answers included lots of great online tools such as Evernote, Trello and Google Keep, and one member mentioned mental tools, such as mediation and journaling. I believe your mindset is the most powerful tool in […]

MINDFULNESS: It’s not all b.s.

From experts to friends, meditation is a hot topic, but what is it exactly? I used to think it was a yoga or meditation thing that took years to perfect.   Nope – It’s simply a way of paying attention to our thoughts in the moment when we find that we’re distracted.  Here’s an example […]

How To Find An Accountability Partner

Last week a question was asked in a Facebook Group I participate in, “Do you have an accountability partner?”  The question initiated a ton of discussion and questions around:What is an accountability partner? How do I find one? I thought I’d cover how to find an accountability partner (and why you should want one!) I […]

How To Avoid The Comparison Trap

  Have you ever seen a fellow business owner share a huge success on social media and felt that green monster called jealousy bubbling up? Social media has made it so easy for us to compare our lives, families, mothering ability and businesses to others and often, we end up feeling like we aren’t measuring […]

How To Avoid Spam Email Filters

If you use an email service provider like MailChimp or Aweber to communicate with your followers, good for you!  That’s a great way to stay top of mind with your potential clients and customers. Once you start sending emails, there are a few techniques to help you avoid the mail spam filters. To increase the […]

Even Dr. Moms Start Small Businesses!

Why Did You Start Your Business?  I started my business with three partners.  We are all emergency medicine doctors who love taking care of patients, but we didn’t like the hectic pace in the hospital emergency room (ER) that can lead to patient and doctor dissatisfaction. We also really disliked the common emergency room practices […]