2017 Ultimate On-Page SEO Checklist

Have you ever wondered on what page your website ranks? Is it on first page or second page or later? Do the searchers go beyond page two in their search results? And consequently, how many customers you are losing by having your website on 2nd or 3rd page? Your website or blog has the potential […]

Mindset: The Most Powerful Tool In Your Business

In our private members Facebook group, I recently posed the question, “What is Your Favorite Tool for Your Business”. The answers included lots of great online tools such as Evernote, Trello and Google Keep, and one member mentioned mental tools, such as mediation and journaling. I believe your mindset is the most powerful tool in […]

All about #Slack

Introducing Slack Slack started in 2014 and has quickly developed into the fastest growing team and collaboration tool in recent history.  It has millions of users, and 43/100 top Forbes companies use it.  It’s basically a team chat tool, but with an innovative business model to support the development of integrations with other platforms.  As […]

Let’s Clear the Email Clutter

Don’t you just love starting a new year with a tangible project? How about getting your email inbox cleaned out! Your challenge (should you choose to accept it)  is to spend about 20 minutes and clear out some email. Here are a few good things to know about how to make the most of this […]

MINDFULNESS: It’s not all b.s.

From experts to friends, meditation is a hot topic, but what is it exactly? I used to think it was a yoga or meditation thing that took years to perfect.   Nope – It’s simply a way of paying attention to our thoughts in the moment when we find that we’re distracted.  Here’s an example […]

How To Find An Accountability Partner

Last week a question was asked in a Facebook Group I participate in, “Do you have an accountability partner?”  The question initiated a ton of discussion and questions around:What is an accountability partner? How do I find one? I thought I’d cover how to find an accountability partner (and why you should want one!) I […]