BIG Changes Coming to Facebook Business Pages

Well, we've all been speculating if Facebook would change business pages over to Timeline and word is finally out that it seems to happening.  Word on the streets is that Facebook will begin converting business pages to the new Timeline format as early as February 29th.  The rollout is said to include a limited number of pages at first before being applied to all pages, similar to how they rolled out Timeline for personal profiles.

The implication this will have to our business pages is huge.  And I know change is hard, but I really think the change will have a positive impact on our businesses.  While we won't know exactly what will happen until it happens, here are some of the ways our pages will be affected:

  • Larger cover image:  This may be a great opportunity for you to showcase whatever it is that you have to offer.  This will be the first thing people see when they visit your page and has huge branding potential.  You can showcase product images here, or, have a custom image designed that includes images and text sharing what your page and business are all about.  The image size is 850 x 315, so consider mocking up cover images now so you're ahead of the game when the rollout happens!
  • Tab changes:  I highly doubt that Facebook will remove all custom tabs, but there are sure to be changes.  They will likely be displayed in a different way and some may also function differently.  Many, because of their design, will likely cease to work entirely.
  • More image opportunities:  Images are highly valuable for a business and lucky for us, Timeline is very image focused.  This will be a great opportunity to show off more products and entice people to make more sales.
  • History shared:  Since Timeline focuses on the history of the user, a Timeline business page will highlight the history of a business.  This will be a great way for you to connect with your fans and allow them to see how your business has evolved.
  • Applications are critical:  As we explored last month, open graph applications on Facebook are now a critical piece of the puzzle to engaging with fans and getting exposure for your page.  You can learn more about that here.
  • Business info more easily accessible:  Right now, information about our businesses is tucked away on our info tabs.  With Timeline, this information should be more prominently placed in the main page, making it easier for visitors to learn more about your business.
So there you have it.  Facebook just loves keeping us page owners on our toes!  When I learn more, I'll be sure to pass it along.  Till then, sit back and think about what you can do to embrace Timeline for your business!
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