Mompreneur’s 30 Day Challenge: Small Steps to a Big Business

Are you ready to give your business a kick in the behind to get it moving in the right direction?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Welcome to our Mompreneur’s 30 Day Challenge:  Small Steps to a Big Business!

We’re offering this unique opportunity FREE to any mompreneur who is looking for tips and tricks to help her grow her business.  Our Challenge is a series of 30 tasks in the areas of marketing, budgeting, social networking, organization and networking that will allow you to re-focus, learn new things and move forward as a professional mompreneur!  All Challenge participants will receive free printables, links to some fantastic business tools on the web, and informative articles about a variety of business topics.

Taking the Challenge is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.  Enter your email address here.



2.  Over the next 30 days, you’ll be sent a daily email giving you a small task to complete for your business each day along with some informative content to tell you why that’s important and tips and tricks to help you along.

3.  Complete the Challenge at your own pace.  You can sign up at any time and complete it whenever you’d like.  You can also download the full version of the Challenge here to have a hard copy to supplement your emails. (Upload may be slow, it’s 38 pages of business awesomeness!)


At the end of the 30 days, your business should be more organized, your marketing more polished and your activities more streamlined.  This will set you up for success so that you can get more sales and grow your business to it’s fullest potential!  If you’d like, you can repeat the Challenge any time you feel you need a jump start to get back into the swing of things and give your business a jolt!

Please feel free to share this Challenge using the sharing buttons below with any Mompreneurs that you know.  You can also use the “Pin It” button below to share on Pinterest!   I do ask, however, that you please do not share the full version of the Challenge, please allow them to download it from our site on their own.

I hope you enjoy this Challenge as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!  Here’s to a better business and a better you in just 30 days!



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Hi! Here are a few fun facts about me: I've lived in the Seattle area long enough where the rain doesn't bother me. I graduated from the University of Washington. I worked in the pet products industry for a lifetime and in 2013 took over ownership of Business Among Moms, a community for mom owned businesses to network and get educated on entrepreneurship.


  1. Love this idea! I do a weekly “Bloggertunities” post, that goes out each Wednesday. I added this to the events section – I think this is such a wonderful solution to help busy moms improve their business in a totally easy way :)

  2. I stopped getting the emails from the 30 day business challenge – any idea why????

  3. This is a fantastic idea!
    Thank you for sharing :)


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